Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The End of the Two Week Wait?

Two weeks ago I got a positive ovulation test.

Precisely two weeks ago the husband was balls dee ... well you don't need to know the details. Suffice to say, we had a jolly good shot at seeing whether a back-to-basics approach would succeed where medical science had failed.

I haven't started my period yet. My nipples nip.

You'd think I might be getting excited. But I'm not, because I broke my own rules about not testing early and had a cheeky shot at the double line on Sunday. I failed.

And yes, I know some of you might be frantically shouting at the computer and telling me to read my own posts. Don't I know that testing three days early is no guarantee that the test is accurate? Have I not heard about your cousin's sister-in-law's work colleague's friend who didn't get a positive pregnancy test until two weeks after her period was due?

Yeah, whatever. I'm convinced I'm not pregnant.

Not least - as I discuss in some details over on Fertility Authority today - because my boobs aren't hurty like pregnant boobs, they are hurty like premenstrual boobs. (I think. I've no idea I've never had pregnant boobs but I have the internet and I done a lot of research).

I'll test at the weekend if my period hasn't surfaced - or, more accurately, poured out of my nether regions. In fact the only reason why I'm at all tempted to test isn't on the off-chance it'll be positive but more - as Sarah has discovered - because it is a surefire way to bring on a period.

And the start of my next period marks the start of the next round of clomid and interuterine insemination.

Bring it on!


  1. Boobs are not your friend - for me premenstrual boobs = pregnant boobs = same boobs. Postnatal boobs however, well that's a whole different kettle of fish (or milk).... and mine never went blue-veiny whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.
    Not wanting to mess with your head here ... but I felt the same way when I was first pg with #1. No +ve test until AF was so late I knew it before the Very Faint Line showed up on the pee stick. Maybe they make better pee sticks than they did 8 years ago, but they were always slow to reigister for me.

  2. So true - a pregnancy test basically guarantees the period will arrive hours (if not minutes, in my case) later. However, hoping very much that both you and I are proven wrong!

  3. Must be a worldwide phenomenon. Once, when we were trying and failing, I got my hopes up and bought a test. My period came before I even got to the damn car to take it home!

    True story.

  4. I hate that the boobs give the same signs for PG and PMS - makes me a little hopeful every month they're sore only to be disappointed when AF arrives.

    I really hope you're pleasantly surprised this month.

  5. Fingersssss crosssssssssssed...... xxxx

  6. PMS for me = Heavier painful boobs, swollen stomach from water retention, melancholy, etc just typical PMS symptoms. I'm 15 weeks pregnant now and still have the exact same symptoms as PMS, so just remember it ain't over till the double line shows. Also 1.5 days after I had positive PG test, I had break thru bleeding. I thought I was miscarrying, nope just tested too early. Good luck!

  7. Roll on the next IUI although it would be great if you didn't need it.

  8. True story.

    Hopefully though, you're pregnant and you can see those double lines. Not the imaginary ones that I seem to convince myself to see. The real deal.

  9. Step away from those blasted sticks. LOL. I'm sorry for the stress they cause my dear and won't wish you any IUI luck unless that witch does decide to show. Hopeless optimism.

  10. PMT and early pregnancy symptoms being so alike is one of the more annoying tricks that mother nature plays on us.

    Keeping everything crossed for you. And if the witch does show up, there's always IUI 2.

  11. God I can't wait...

    I'm so excited and crossing every appendage...

  12. Ugh - this is the worst part of the month. One of my girlfriends felt the same way several years ago. She went to Target and bought tampons and a pregnancy test - figured she'd need one or the other. That month is was the tampons, but the next was a + pregnancy test.

    Cheers to two blue lines!

  13. Can't weigh in on PMS boobs vs. PG boobs, but can tell you that I firmly believe that Murphy's Law runs the universe. Buy a lifetime supply of tampons or something to see if you can counteract the forces! I will say I have some serious PMS boob soreness now though.

    Seriously - hang in there...


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