Monday, 21 September 2009

Colour Me Bad

My header has been described as: "radioactive split pea soup" and "a slime-green color, which ... a whopping 2% of the population actually likes."

So in an attempt to silence my critics (have you noticed my increased use of comma's?), I have been tinkering with a few other colour pallets.

What do you reckon to these?

Please take a second to fill answer this poll, (all answers are anonymous).

And, whilst I am canvassing your opinion.

That last post about Top Trumps seemed to get a fair bit of interest. And it certainly helped me get a handle on where you are all at.

Do you think I should, for those of you who want to be involved, do an alternative blog roll linking to blog via people's Top Trump cards? (And if so, should I remove longest cycle length and replace with number of miscarriages?)


  1. how about good old evocative red, or would that be too much?

  2. Funny, I was thinking red myself! If not red, I like the blue.

  3. I vote for the blue - although it looks more turquoise to me. I do like the original green too. As for the Top Trump cards, longest cycle mostly applies to us PCOSers. Number of m/c might be more inclusive (unfortunately). I love the idea.

  4. Personally, and I may be speaking out of line here but sod it, I think the blog should remain the same colour, font, length, depth, girth, whatever you damn please because when all is said and done, its YOUR blog.
    While M. Bellicose may believe she sounds good reveiwing this blog, I couldnt give a rats arse. I say stick with what you've got. It's a blog not a web page advertising designer gear and to coin a (somewhat tacky) phrase "If it aint broke..."
    I don't read your blog because the colours are pretty. If I wanted pretty colours I' pop to B&Q.

    On a lighter note, I love the 'ITT' idea.

    I was going to apologise for ranting but I decided against it. Only because I feel it's justified and I'm in a crabby mood anyway.

  5. rotate the colours...

    the alternatiive blogroll, funny idea, but just think about when you wold have to update someone....

  6. Just so you know.... you'll never make everyone happy with your color choice; as a professional designer I can attest to that! Just go with what YOU love and what makes YOU feel good (and fertile... cuz, hey, green is a very fertile color!)

  7. I was also thinking red ...but I liked the original so I abviously only represent 2% of the vote. However, I just stuffed-up your poll as I voted for the mushroom pink because: a) pink is really a paler shade of red, and b) the "choice of champignions" is pure comedy GOLD baby!

  8. I reckon stay original gangster GREEN.

  9. I love the original color! So many blogs have the same color and are rather drab. When I see that color...I know I am on your blog!! I vote for you to keep it the same. Why tone it down? It matches your writing style!

  10. Call me a purist! I like the original color. I think we should develop an infertility card game...maybe like one of those dungeons and dragons games where people "collect" certain cards and sell them on ebay.

  11. I say whatever color makes you happy! It's your blog and you should keep/change it as you want.

    The alternative blogroll sounds cute at first, but I would worry about it turning into the pain olympics. When I was going through testing/procedures/surgeries I thought that was really as bad as it could get. During my brief stint with IUI I thought that was as bad as it could get. Then there were all the IVFs. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. It all sucks and my choice would be to just support others with sharing our experience rather than our comparisons.

    Or maybe I'm just overly sensitive today. LOL.

  12. I like all the color choices - whatever works for YOU.

    Wouldn't the alternative blogroll be a headache to keep up to date everytime our stats change? Or, perhaps there is some widget for that I am not aware of.

    I just enjoy your writing!

  13. I like the original too. But if I had to vote on an alternative, I'd probably go with blue.

    As the others said, I think the alternative blog roll would take quite a bit of administration time. But if you're up for that then go for it!

  14. Leave well alone love and bugger the punctuation. That woman (your reviewer!) obviously relies more on good punctuation than good content. I love the way you write because your posts are always inspired, funny, sad and honest in good measure. Don't change a thing!

  15. Anon, I tried red - it was way too graphic.

    As above, Rebecca

    Blue's the Husband's favourite too Lea,

    Ta, Calliope

    Rant away, Carolyne, I like rants. (And well said)

    Yeah, Xbox, I thought about updating ages, length of time trying but the idea of updating miscarriages has put me off the idea.

    WannabeMommy, I see you have gone down the hand drawn route for your blog too, very nice.

    Corymbia, mushroom was my favourite - we're pretty much alone on that one though.

    Which gangsters would those be, Caroline? Not the P&J variety?

    Good point Rain Child

    Megan, and if we got enough cards we could swap them for a baby? Maybe not!

    Lost in Space, I think you are right about the blog roll.

    Ta Gracie, I'llk probably keep the same colour most people seem to like it. I've shleved the blogroll idea.

    Thanks Jane

    If you insist Anonymous

  16. too many so easily confused...ow....
    I'm a fan of radioactive split pea ... and really, who criticizes someone's blog background? Just read the blog! (says the woman with the really bland blue background...)


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