Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chirp, Chirp

I've joined twitter.

Joined as womb4improvement that is.

I signed-up a while ago as 'me' but this way I can follow all the fertility related twitterers that I can shake a pee-stick at without worrying that friends and work colleagues will start to ask awkward questions.

Actually I tell a lie when I say I joined as womb4improvement. I was one digit over the maximum letter count and I feared that: womb4improvemen could be read as: womb 4 improve men. A name that has connotations of all those spam emails I get promising a wonder drug that will "have your manhood knocking on her womb".

Pre-IUI that thought was pretty vile. Post-IUI I'm thinking there is a market for a drug that could make penises the length and width of a catheter; why stop at the womb opening why not get right inside the womb?

But I digress.

My twitter name is: womb4improve

The point of this post is I have no idea what the majority of you tweet as, if indeed you do, so if you wouldn't mind me as a follower please leave your tweeting name in the comments.

(And if I am honest, I only really joined because I thought of a line I should have put in this post and decided it was too good to waste so had to tweet it!)


  1. I am following you! Yes! I am nutsinmay, because I am not very original and used up all my creativity thinking of the blog name three years ago.

  2. I must be simple, I can't find you.

  3. Thanks Nuts, I guessed there wouldn't be two following the hairy farmer family.

    Xbox, it is very curious the name doesn't come up if you search. Don't know why. But I've just started following you (again) so I'll come up as a follower on your list.

  4. I just followed you. I don't tweet much though - I'm more of a FB girl -blasphemy I know but there it is. S
    omehow I think you'll be able to recognise me as a follower (I'm not very imaginative in the names department ;)

  5. I don't tweet much either. Mostly when I have no access to a computer (facebook) and can only use my phone which I'm too cheap to pay for an internet connection with. My tweet name though is still battynurse.

  6. I dont tweet either and i am with batty being too cheep to pay for net on my phone. I LOVE facebook tho, stupidly addicted.

  7. I've the same problem as XBox. It won't recognise your name (unless you're secretly down as Wombat?) I'm kamikazecaz.

  8. Is that your real surname Amanda, or should it be split into two words?

    Found you, Batty

    Facebook, Paint it Black, shudder.

    Carolyne, I can assure you I'm not Wombat, found you though.


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