Saturday, 26 September 2009

Blood and Guts

My period has arrived.

This cycle clocks in at 34 days. Which isn't bad at all as far as sort of, kinda, getting sorta regular goes.

It means that the sexcapades didn't work but I pretty much knew that already.

And if you are thinking "At least you didn't waste your pregnancy test" you'd be wrong. Because, of course, my period only decided to appear at 10.27am. Giving me just enough time to have a modicum of hope.

Despite being 93% convinced I wasn't pregnant it was still a bit of a kick in the guts.

Actually it was a massive kick in the guts, and it is still kicking. I've necked a bunch of pain killers then, once I've finished this bowl of hot chocolate, I'll head back to bed for a couple of hours. Hence the somewhat uninspired post, I can't actually think, let alone pull together a rip-roaring tale of blood and guts.

And tomorrow I will start back on the clomid.

Let IUI cycle 2 begin.


  1. Sorry you're feeling crappy, but here's hoping that this cycle is the one.

  2. Dammit. Arrrggh. May cycle #2 do the trick....

  3. I just finished with AF, and so, I feel for you! I hope the next cycle is better.

  4. Shucks. I hope you can find some comfort in the hot chocolate (Belgian is best)
    Welcome to the 34 day cycle club.

  5. Sigh. That bitch, Hope. What a cow.

    So, when I see you, the horror that is Clomid will have you firmly locked in its grip. Should I be afraid? Very afraid?!

  6. Dammit. I had my hopes up for you.
    I really hope that this next cycle is *the* one.

  7. I feel ya, my friend. Doesn't matter if there's 0.2% hope or 90.8%, BFN's hurt just the same. Blood and guts time is always cruel.

  8. Thanks Jane

    Second time worked for you Murgdan so here's hoping it is a lucky number for me too

    So do I Rain Child

    I've got a friend coming over from Brussels in a few weeks Carolyn, maybe I should put in an order.

    If it is anything like last time HFF, I won't notice a thing.

    Dammit indeed, Corymbia, more chance with the next one, it being IUI and all.

    Yup, stacey.

  9. IUI #2 is the one for you, I can feel it in my bones.

  10. Shit.

    Once again, the pregnancy test theory is right.

    I'm sorry honey.


  11. Sorry, my dear. Here's to hoping #2 does the trick.

  12. I'm sorry, it's always a kick in the ovary when AF matter how much you know that you're not pregnant.

    I really hope IUI number 2 works for you.

  13. I'm sending out positive thoughts for your second attempt.

    I too am a 34-36 cycle person (when on a Metformin or like). That extra week just makes the hope kick in even further, because your two week wait is actually three and every single time hope wiggles in there and makes you believe ... maybe it's late because of ... and not because I'm always late.

    Good luck!

  14. BFN's are the absolute pits and the arrival of AF is never fun. I'm sorry it wasn't this month for you, keeping everything crossed for IUI #2

  15. bah. never a good day. hope tomorrow is better. just came upon your blog and look forward to reading more. very much appreciate your writing.

  16. Good Luck!Keep your hopes high.

  17. Oh babe. I understand. And wish it was different for you.

  18. My period also has a habit of starting later in the day and I too wasted a stick the morning it started. Good thing I bought a boatload off eBay...

    Hope you fare better this month. :)


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