Friday, 28 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

On reflection it is actually quite a good thing that last IUI didn't work.

Whilst the panic over swine flu in the UK is abating there is a distinct possibility that, with the schools going back in September, another outbreak is imminent. I'd quite like to catch it, recover and have some inbuilt immunity chalked up whilst in a non-pregnant state. The alternative if I was pregnant, would be weighing up the safety options of vaccine verses the disease. I've now got the opportunity to get up close and personal with every red-nosed sniveling commuter I find in the hope that they pass the lergy on.

In addition, whilst I like the idea of being able to say to my teenage tearaway: "And don't ask you 'father' for help, he wasn't even there when you were conceived", that is maybe a dangerous power to wield. Hopefully the husband'll actually be around for the next IUI so I won't have that option, and will consequently save my future child from massive psychiatrist fees.

During the last two week wait I noticed I was getting grey/brown roots peeping through my implausibly red hair. I didn't want to dye my hair whilst there was a chance of an embryonic life-form sponging up any nasty chemicals that seeped into my system. So I made a decision that, if the IUI didn't work, I was going to go back to my roots (minus the grey) so if I do have an enforced nine month period of no hair-dyeing at least I won't end up with 3 inch roots. And yes, despite being only just 33 and there is already a healthy smattering of grey there - and I can't even blame those pesky kids.

Rumours are abound at work. Duly noted was the lack of boozing at the all-staff drinks the other week. Today I got: "Giving up tea, stopping dying your hair? These are all things my mother did when she was trying to conceive..." I just responded with something non-committal. We have a works event next week so I'll be able to have an alcoholic drink which will hopefully quash any of those rumours. I'm not sure why I am so anti people thinking that I am pregnant when I'm not, but I hate the idea of being the subject of this type of erroneous scrutiny.

Also, if the IUI had worked the baby would have been born in May. Which isn't bad but I would rather have a proper summer baby, you know born June/ July / August*. So its lucky really ...

Did you hear that? I think it was the sound of the bottom of the barrel being well and truly scraped.

*Ok, at one time I cared enough to want a summer baby, now I really couldn't give a toss when it arrives (though sooner rather than later please).


  1. If it makes ya feel better...I'm only 29 and I've got quite a "few" greys.

  2. The two week wait really does turn the rumor mill up to full blast, doesn't it? I'm the same way. The thought of all those people thinking I'm pregnant when I'm not is just really uncomfortable, for some reason.

  3. Mmmm, silver linings. Where would we be without them?

    And yes, I did hear the sound of the barrel being scraped, but only because I've been there so many times I know that sound by heart.

    The alcohol one's good though...

  4. Well, you've done a good job at scraping the barrel anyway. All very good points. :)

  5. Sounds like it was for the best then. *hugs*

    I'm wishing you lots of good luck on the next try!

    Do us proud when you are squashing those rumors!

  6. I'm 28 and I've got my fair share of grays, too, unfortunately! Do I win the prize for "youngest grays?" :-)

    Silver linings are good, even if you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find them! Enjoy the extra drinks next week!

  7. That's some impressive justification there.

  8. Remind me to come to you next time I'm not feeling quite so cheerful. Love your justifications.

    And I don't like people speculating about my TTC days either!

  9. You did a great job of looking on that "bright" side. Not an easy thing to do sometimes.

    I can very much relate to wanting to squash the speculation of others about TTC simply to avoid the "Are you?!?" questions. Total PITA.

  10. I love how you are such an optimist :) I am too.

    Here's a tip for future 2ww parties.... start nursing drinks now. I became Very adept at drinks nursing whilst TTC. Just make sure you walk by the odd pot plant now and then / bypass the kitchen so the level goes down a bit. That and bring yor own suply of sparkling non-alcoholic grape juice ... but slap on a fake label first.

  11. Sounded all very positive nice work.

    As for the hair dying being of any harm, the jury is still out on that one I think

  12. Sarah, I probably did too but it is only now it is growing out that it has become really obvious.

    I know Kelly, it is like they imagine they are in on a secret but they don’t know the half of it.

    Mick, hopefully silver linings come with happy endings.

    Ta Barb

    That’s what I’ll keep telling myself, Megan

    So far you win Lin, any advance on 28?

    Why thank you Mr Xbox

    Rambler, come by any time!

    Lost in Space, I had to google PITA, but yes you are right total pain in the ass.

    That’s because, Corymbia, pessimists are no fun.

    The jury is still out, Paint it Black, but whilst I wait for a verdict I am assuming guilty until proven innocent.

  13. I'm with you on the telling folk at work. As little info as possible but sadly they all know I started Miscarry at work - Busted.
    Ahh I love this time of year. In 4 days the kids will have gone back to school and I can freely nip into town and not have to endure tearaway city. Still, as you say the old piggy flu will no doubt make more appearances.
    Do you not think that it's just a cold for many folk still there's this mass panic?
    I always wanted a summer baby - I didn't want to be 3rd trimester and wearing bulky winter woolies. I guess I was naive enough to think I would fall Pregnant as planned and prance/waddle around in floaty summer tops and dresses but hey, I'll take whatever I can get now.

  14. I'm 36 going on 37 and have a lot of greys.. and they also told me that if I cut back on salt, I'd conceive in no you already know, it wasn't the hair color or too much salt in my food that made any difference...glad to see you're on a positive note.Fingers crossed. Oh and the winter/summer babies..been there too...

  15. Oh Carolyne, Miscarrying at work, that is tough. And yes, then there is no way round them speculating.

    Salt? That Leo is a new one on me. Sigh.

    Ta, Naomi

  16. I know the feeling of finding "positives" in the dreaded negative. Sucks.

    But I gotta say, seeing catching swine flu as a positive makes me love you. The british/american philosophies are so different and yours in this regard is so refreshing.

    I hope your sexploitation does the trick this month. And if not, July is a better birth month than June, right?


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