Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Early Bird

There are some pregnancy tests on the market, that claim that they can tell if you are pregnant four days before your period is due.


That means I could start testing tomorrow.

Except then you read the small print, the accuracy of the test is as follows:
53% of pregnant women who test four days before their period is due get an accurate result
74% three days before
84% two days before
87% one day before
99% on the day

Or to put it another way 46% of pregnant woman will receive a negative test if they take the test four days before they are due. Then (and note this is PREGNANT women), the percentage that will get a false negative on subsequent days will be: 26%, 16%, 13%, 1%.

I currently have a brace of those tests in my bathroom cabinet and I am not going to use them to test early.

This is why:
1) If I get a negative result I will waver between, being really upset to consoling myself that I am in that percentage of women who simply don't get a positive this early. So I would have to test again anyway

2) I have a christening to attend on Saturday. I would rather attend a child-centric event like that in blissful ignorance rather than knowing (or thinking I know), I am not pregnant.

3) Until I take that test I can believe anything. I can keep the anticipation in the same way I like to open presents, agonisingly slowly.

4) I'm scared of what the test might show.


  1. I never did one of those for reasons 3) and 4). Hope you can stand the wait!Fingers crossed ;)

  2. I had decided that July 09 would be the last month I was going to try for a baby, juust too hard anymore. On CD30 I went into the bathroom and looked in my cabinet of unused PG tests, decided to go ahead and use one since they were now going to go to waste anyway. 5 minutes later I remembered I had taken it and decided to look, shock, it was positive!! 2 days later I had some spotting and thought I was going to miscarry (again), it turned out to be implantation bleeding. I had tested so early I'm surprised it even registered. So if you get the whim and want to test for 5 days in a row, then just do it... My fingers are so crossed for you!! I want to see your blog change from Womb 4 Improvement to Womb Improved !! :) :)

  3. I needed to know. I never was a patient person. Plus I had my gut feeling, and I needed confirmation.

    Not that any of my crap has anything to do with you.

    Everything is still tightly crossed for you sweetie.

  4. I have no willpower. It was a mistake these people bringing out these tests for I clear the shelves each month.
    I've everything crossed that when you do decide to do the test, it's the result you and we all hope for.

  5. I would be scared of the result too.

    I used to always test early because I needed to stop myself from hoping however, I never stopped hoping because I just thought that I could be one of the percentage of 'pregnant' women who get a negative early. It's like when I start spotting, I don't lose hope because I still try to convince myself that it is implantation bleeding.

    I think you have made the right decision to leave it and just enjoy your weekend.

  6. I am a confirmed early tester, but I completely applaud your reasons for holding on. Christenings are hard emotional bloody work when you've a history of TTC behind you. I still wince in dismay when I remember that Hubby's cousin stoically turned up to Harry's christening 3 days post-miscarriage, and didn't let on to us until quite a while afterwards what had happened. We knew how hard it would have been for her, we'd been there ourselves.
    Fingers crossed for you honey, as ever.

  7. To Test or Not to Test...that is the question.

    I will say an extra prayer for you that when you do test, it is the answer you want!

  8. I go back and forth depending on the cycle. Usually I give in and test early. I'm not a patient person. ;) Thinking good thoughts for you and hoping you get a blaring positive on your first test!

  9. I'm the same way. Stay strong and don't test! I tested super early back when trying was still fun, I'm kind of over it now. I plan on waiting until the beta after my IVF.

  10. Good thinking.

    BUT... if you make it through the weekend without testing I'll eat one of my own testicles...

  11. I'll see how long I last, Leo

    That is the stuff legends are made of Sandy
    I distrust my gut feelings now Sarah

    It is less about willpower, more about self preservation/ my own sanity, Carolyne

    Exactly Secret D, there is almost no point in testing cause I'd just keep re-testing and hoping.

    Ouch at the christening storyHFF, and sad that you would have completely understood if they had backed out at the last moment, but they felt obliged to go through with it.

    Going all Shakesperian on me Jenn?

    It'll be the first test I have taken for ages Lea, so I hope it is a good one too, thanks.

    That is willpower lovecomesfirst

    Well maybe, just for the sake of your testicles and child number 2 I'll test on Sunday Xbox

  12. I often would start testing at about 10dpo and would often waste a bunch of pregnancy tests. I never had anything show before about 12dpo.

  13. I think you are very wise my friend.

  14. I remember so clearly being in your shoes.
    With my daugther (who took *forever* to be conceived) I did not get a positive result until I was so late I knew I was preggers before I weed on the stick. With my son, I'd just had a miscarriage and so was secretly hoping I was pregnant but telling myself there was 0.0001% chance I could be, and even if I got a positive test it migth be left over hormones anyway, so when I did test, I was already 6 weeks along and STILL had to have Beta HCG blood tests to confirm it. Incidently, the positive proof of that Beta HCG test turned 5 today :)
    So while I know the pain of the 2ww you are absolutely right to wait until Monday or later to test.
    Hang in there. XAmanda

  15. You must have crazy-willpower! Although, I wish I had told my hubby to wait and refused to test until a bit later - I may have gotten my faint + at 10DPO but it would have been nicer if it was a solid positive.

    I am keeping everything crossed for you.

  16. Seriously? Your 2WW is even taking forever for ME! Hasn't it been a month since your IUI? I'm sure for you it feels much longer, but still. Hope the wait is all worth a few more days!

  17. I highly recommend waiting. Day 33. I got a good result. :)

    I have wonderfully high hopes for you. All the best.

  18. PS - I'm excited, trying to remain calm. And really, I thank you so much for your blog.

  19. Don't get me wrong, holding out is good, but its easier to do during a work week with some distraction than at a weekend.

    By the time Sunday rolls around...

  20. But did you ever learn your lesson, Batty?

    Barb, why thank you my friend.

    corymbia, wish your growing boy Happy Birthday from me!

    Not will power, Serendipity, the fear.

    Tell me about it, Murgdan

    Anonymous is this Texas Girl? That is brilliant news. Let's hope it is catching.

    I may test on Sunday Xbox, but not because I won't be able to resist but I'd rather have a day to ponder the results than have to go straight into back to back meetings on Monday morning whilst still reeling from the result - whatever that may be. I shall see.

  21. Crap! I wont even be around on Sunday to check your blog!

    Assuming that you post the results right away...

    Best of luck sweetie. I've got high hopes for ya. And I cant wait to read the good news.(positive thinking my love, positive thinking!)

  22. If you want a nonsensical 'why not' factor, if you do test Sunday it will have been exactly 13 weeks from when we did.

    I like 13, I like 'unlucky' things. For luck.

  23. First of all sorry I haven't been leaving any comments lately. I've taken a bit of a step back from blogging, blogger's block if you will, but I have been keeping an eye on you and sending positive thoughts your way (man!).

    I have absolutely no will power when it comes to holding out on testing. So I applaud your restraint. Keeping everything bar fallopian tubes crossed for you honey x

  24. I hate those crazy little sticks when it comes to me, but love when others pee on them early. (-;

    Hoping it was all worth the wait!!!

  25. best of luck to you and hoping for a good result! we just starting on our journey and I've found your blog really, I really appreciate your humor. again, good luck!!

  26. I keep checking your blog to see the update. Thinking about you, hon!


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