Monday, 17 August 2009

Aye You, Aye

You may have noticed I was uncharacteristically brief in my description of the IUI.

That is because I saved the full account for Fertility Authority, pop over for a tale of candy-coloured spunk and a narrow avoidance of a phrase that could have ended my marriage.

(Although they edited my favourite line, I originally wrote: "I splashed out on digital ovulation tests, literally." But maybe that was a little too graphic.)

So that was a week ago today; I test in a week to see if it has worked.

Just one more week.

I'll tell you what, this waiting thing is child's play after the first six months of this year. I can't believe how fast it is going.

Did that sound convincing?


  1. Ha! No not convincing, but I hope you at least get a good reward for the wait! :)

    I'll pop over and check out your article.

  2. Um, It wasnt convincing. Sorry. But the article was good!

  3. I have complete and 100% faith that the stork has found your address this time.

    I'm day 30. Still no period. I haven't tested. I'm scared. I'm waiting till I'm actually late. I'm so hopeful I could fly. :)

    And I'm just a girl from Texas who found your blog who's too shy to start her own.

  4. Well, the second week of the 2ww officially takes about 97 days in fret-time, so, um, no, not believable.

    Candy-coloured? They dye it pink? Oh. My. God.

    Toes crossed.

  5. I'm going to pass on the link to your article to my friend, who is having an IUI soon.

    One more week of waiting... gotta be rough. Good luck!

  6. Can we swap ... I need extra time in my week to do assignments and will happily take a few days from your week so you don't have to wait so long.... why is that time is either dawdling along or rushing by?

    (even so, I find myself waiting along with you....)

  7. Almost convincing. (-; Hoping this is your last 1ww for a good long while!

  8. phew, reading your story makes me feel a little better about doing it, I have a appointment tomorrow and think that is the direction we will be taking

  9. Wow,your article sure brought back memories..well,u know how IUI's turned out for us,but I'll keep all my fingers crossed for you :) Screw statistics, IUI's do work sweetie.And one week is nothing...uh...ok maybe not for us going through these procedures, but they're worth the wait.

  10. I hope time really is flying for you... but I kind of doubt it!

  11. Your article is great. Hoping you've found something to make the week go by faster (and if you have - share please!) Good luck...

  12. Thanks Lea, I hope it is worth it too.

    Damn, HFF, must work on my lying face.

    Ta Sarah, like the way you softened the blow there.

    I’m trying Xbox, I really am.

    Hellow Texas Girl, blogging is great for the shy! You have far stronger will power than I do. Will you pop back when you have tested and let me know the result?

    Only 97 days? Nuts, I could have sworn I was on day 101 already. And yes, at least I hope it was dye.

    Thanks Kelly, and best of luck to your mate.

    Corymbia, what the hell are you doing reading blogs? Get back to those assignments.

    Thanks Lost in Space, and yeah it isn’t a 2ww any more I’m well into my one week.

    Oh best of luck with the appointment PiB

    Depends which calendar you use, Secret D, unfortunately my body clock isn’t in tune with my mind.

    Ta Leo, there is always an exception to the norm in stats, so lets hope.

    You are right Chelsea, we are definitely earth-bound.

    I wish I had the answer Gracie, good luck to you too

  13. Good luck with everything!

    Infertile woman here came across your blog, hope you don't mind :) Got one myself.


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