Wednesday, 1 July 2009

What's in a name?

When I got my first mobile phone my then boyfriend (now husband) was logged under:


Paddy being his name and 2 because chronologically he was the second Paddy I'd been out with and as I remained very good friends with the first they became known amongst all my friends, and to each other, as Paddy 1 and Paddy 2.

And there he malingered until a drunk friend got hold of my phone and changed his identifier to:

P Diddy

(She also changed her name to J Lo - this was back when the two bling-tastic celebrities were a couple, it is only now I ponder the significance of that change ...)

Then, more significant than a ring on my finger or the off-white dress and party, on the occasion of our nuptials his name changed again. This time to:

The Husband

(Yes, this nickname isn't just an affectation for my blog I do actually call him The Husband a lot, and he calls me The Wife - I know if it makes you want to puke think how I feel, I have to deal with it on a daily basis).

However, things turned nasty when he bought an i-phone without due consultation. Having to change his number whilst berating him for wasting money (ok, ok I was jealous and I lashed out) his phone name became:

Flash Twat

Meant in the most affectionate way.


On one occasion I lost my phone the husband rang it and discovered it along with 'Flash Twat' emblazoned on the screen.

Bizarrely enough, shortly after that I discovered the name had morphed into:

The Husband (Awesome)

And that is how it remains to this day.

So what about you? Do you have phone nicknames for your nearest and dearest? What do you use?


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  1. My husband is in my phone as "XXX."

    Not in the dirty, exxxtra-naughty sense of course... but so that he is the only "X" in my phone book and is extremely easy to find when dialing/texting.

  2. eh, "flash twat," "the husband" same thing.
    How did you manage to meet not just one, but two "Paddy's"?
    Troy is "Stud Monkey" ... and he's not fond of it.

  3. 'Mary'.

    It's not her name, so it drives her demented. I love it.

  4. Boringly it is just his name. I think I will now come up with a nickname for him!!

  5. Womb For Improvement1 July 2009 at 22:10

    Chelsea, I know why XXX you're only fooling yourself if you say otherwise.

    Stacey, How can anyone not be a bit chuffed with Stud Monkey?

    Xbox, it is good to keep her on her toes.

    Come on Nic. Dig deep there's already a few good ideas in the comments.

  6. My husband (known variously as scoopty-woopty, darl, buddy-roo, pumpkiny-wumpkiny, and you-utter-arsehole) recently acquired a mobile courtesy of moi.
    We both hate mobile phones with a passion (but admit they are a useful tool in an emergency, hence our possession of said phones) and I think I'm one of the 3 lisitings in his phone - filed under "Amanda" bacause that is my name after all ... and it comes up at the top of the list.
    As for my phone - I think he's listed under his name ...and also under ICE (you know - the emeregency thing).
    Gets me thinking though ... depending on my mood he could be filed under "A" as either "Adorable" or "Arsehole"....

  7. Ok I think I may have wanted to question your friends intentions with the P.Diddy and J.Lo thing. I worked with a nurse who referred to her husband as Mr. Adams.

  8. haha. My husband would so totally do that.

    Mine is just my husband's name. Original eh?

  9. My husband is "Big Daddy" and I am "Baby Girl". We saw these names airbrushed on t-shirts when we were dating and that is what we have called eachother ever since.

  10. Corymbia, What about Arsehat? Affectionate and abusive.

    Battynurse, You've no idea how apt that name is!

    Barb, get thinking of something new.

    Megan, I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

  11. I put myself in my husband's phone as Sexy Chick and he has kept it as that all these years. I just have him in my phone as Dale which is his name and not very interesting. You have made me think so I'll definitely be changing it to something offensive!

  12. Oh, was also meant to say that The Husband and The Wife are far better than Mum and Dad, which is what my dad calls my mum and my mum calls my dad. Obviously these are nicknames that can only be used once you have a child. It makes me and my sisters smile everytime and they know it so it has stuck. Now my brother-in-law is calling my sister mum and it drives her insane.

  13. Husband is known by his name, but we did have a funny conversation where he got pissed that I had my parents as 'home' (vs. our apt.)

    He didn't take to my laughing too kindly. He was serious!


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