Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Results Are In

I think the easiest way to show how my day went is through the power of email and phone messages:

9.03 am
Hi, this is a message for Eunice. It is Liz [WFI] here. Um ... I'm waiting for the results of my biopsy but I seem to have started my period today and I just wondered if that was normal or if I need to do anything.


Hi Elizabeth, this is Eunice I've got your message, don't worry it is perfectly normal to have a post coil bleed. I'm going to try and speak to Mr S. now and see if he's got the biopsy results. I'll call you back stand by your phone.


From: Elizabeth [WFI]
Sent: 30 July 2009 11:35
To: Sisters and close friends
Subject: Update


I am sure you have all been on tender hooks all week so quick womb update.

Good news!

I've spoken to Eunice and she's got the biopsy back. I've got the all clear.

Eunice wants me to start to take the pills today. BUT (and this is when it gets shitty) to do this I would need to come in for a scan next Thursday morning to check how ovulation is going.

However then I am in Ireland then (flying out Wed arvo and coming back Thursday arvo for work, all booked can’t get out of it). Arghhhhh!

Eunice is going to talk to the doc about what to do and then get back to me, I am waiting ...

(The problem is, even if taking the pills is delayed by just a day then I would come in for a scan on Friday but then there is the possibility that everything kicks off over the weekend and I miss my window of opportunity)

Exciting but frustrating ....



"Elizabeth, it is Eunice here I've spoken to Mr S. and we have a new schedule for you. I'll call again in a minute keep your phone wit .... beeeeeeepppppp...."


"Eunice hi, it's Liz. My phone has chosen today to break on me. It isn't ringing and keeps cutting out. Um ... can I give you my friends number to call? [Hands over cousin / work experience gimp's number]"


From: Elizabeth [WFI]
Sent: 30 July 2009 11:35
To: Sisters and close friends
Subject: It is happening

It is all go here!

Eunice called me back so:

Tomorrow morning I am going to go and have a baseline blood test and pick up my meds.

I take them for five days starting tomorrow.

Then on Friday 7 of August I have to test for ovulation.

If I get a positive on that day I need to phone the nurses and let them know and go in for a scan, but that is unlikely so otherwise I test for ovulation on Sat and Sun then on Monday 10 Aug at 9.30 I have a scan (what ever results I get).

So Paddy needs to be on stand by for some spanking the monkey action. If I look good to go Paddy will ‘produce’ and I’ll get my IUI done. If not then I go for a scan on Wednesday and see what happens ...

Exciting, exciting, exciting...


I didn't have a particularly productive work day.


  1. I've been lurking awhile, and am very happy that you can finally get started!! Very best of luck to you!

  2. Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!

    And I'm still stealing Eunice.

  3. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! Yay for the all clear! I'm so happy things are looking good.

  4. productive work days and cycling do not mix. awesome news. I'll be waiting to hear more.

  5. Yep. This would cause a long day of NO WORK for me too. Glad things are moving. Wheeeeeee! :-)

  6. Yay!! Wishing you the best of luck :D

  7. Yay! Sounds like good news all around. I'm not very productive many days throughout a cycle, so don't feel too bad. ;)

  8. Squeeeeeee!! Oh I'm so excited for you!


  9. Its happening - congratulations!!!!
    (and yes, gratuitous exclamation marks are called for to celebrate such fantastic news are smileys :) :) :) :) :)

    I was sh!tting myself whilst
    reading saying "please don't let there be a but". (You know you can write "good news" at the top of the post and I'll still read it all the way through right?)

  10. Wooo hoooo!! That's brilliant news. The NHS needs more Eunices among their ranks. Best of luck with the upcoming cycle. And enjoy your trip to Ireland. Bring us some good weather, will you? It's feckin baltic here today.

  11. Thanks for de-lurking anonymous, always good to know there are others out there rooting for me.

    Nuts, I'll arrange a transfer for her just as soon as I'm sorted (you know got to look after number 1 and all that!)

    Thanks Barb, it is all very exciting.

    Megan, I fear my porductivity may slip over the next few weeks.

    Cheers 'Murgdan,' some days you have to just admit working isn't going to work.

    Thanks Amber

    Lea, I've given work the best years of my life, so don't feel bad at all!

    Eeek, thanks Sarah

    Ahh but Corymbia, I can't give away the punch line. Where is the fun in that?

    I'll pack a winter coat shall I? Jane G

  12. Yay! It is so much more fun to be moving forward then treading water.

  13. OMG! I've just logged on to Google reader to check on your progress. I'm so excited for you. I can't believe things are finally moving forward. I'm so, so excited...(is it sad that I am so excited for you?)!

  14. oh this is really good news. you must be giddy to have those 6 months behind you now.

    best of luck!!!

  15. Check you out, you're in business! Yay! Congrats!

    It's awesome trying to arrange everything at work. The last couple of months have been a blur ... I'm not even sure I WAS at work!


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