Monday, 20 July 2009

Nuts and Good Heads

Ok, I am well aware this post may well be the equivalent of me inviting you round to my house with the lure a lovely dinner (or in this case an intriguing headline) and then subjecting you to a tedious slide show of holiday highlights.

So I shall try and keep the highlights short, and spare you the hundreds of pictures (well maybes just a few).

  • Nuts and good heads. By which I mean, you filthy minded fiends, peanuts and frothy beer poured the way only Europeans pour, they really do give good head on the continent (for more on this check out a post written from holiday posted on Fertility Authority)
  • Four hotels in seven nights
  • Hours on a rickety train through the Asturian, and then a few days later the Galician, countryside debating where we would build our dream home
  • Scrambling down to a deserted rocky beach and spending the morning, just the two of us and our books
  • Devouring three completely different, but each equally wonderful books. I thoroughly recommend: The Winding Stick - Elise Valmorbida, The Book Thief - Markus Zusak and The Thirteen Problems - Agatha Christie
  • Settling for a formica-tabled cafe for lunch as it was the only place we could find, and having one of the most delicious meals of the holiday
  • Stealing a glimpse at my blog and reading all the birthday wishes - thank you!
  • Getting a phone call from Eunice on my birthday. (To be fair it wasn't to wish me Happy Birthday - even Eunice isn't that good but she was reviewing my case notes and had a few questions. She clocked from the ring tone that I was abroad so I am going to ring her this week to find out what they are. But just to reiterate the astounding nature of this phone call - she was reviewing my case notes 13 days before my next appointment - I really feel like I am in good hands)
  • Mullet spotting - no one does business-up-front, party-out-back like the Spanish, it took all our will power to just nudge one another when we saw classic examples rather than point and laugh
  • Pimientos de Pedron - salty, fried nuggets of green that are a contender for my favourite food ever
  • Siestas
  • Bars, bars, hundrds of bars.
  • Borrowing bikes from the hotel and cycling to a nearby sandy beach - very Famous Five
  • Making it back up the hill from the beach on the aforementioned bikes, this was only a highlight in retrospect. At the time I thought we might die
  • Randomly managing to combine our holiday with Santiego's fiesta
  • Standing in the main square whilst a walking band (yes, the drum kit was on wheels) played Queen and witnessing 1,000 Spaniards singing "We are the sham-pin-ons"
  • And don't even get me started on "We Will Rock You"
  • Seeing an angel carved into an altarpiece that was the, well, spitting image of Maggie Thatcher's spitting image puppet (unfortunately no photos allowed)
  • Winning a mammoth game of Gin Rummy (first to 1000, and at times there were 200 points between us, but by the end I snatched victory 1004 to 992)
  • Not spending more than fifteen minutes bemoaning my lack of fertility.


  1. I've always been amazed at how much head the Europeans give!

    Sounds like you had a good break. Only 7 days to go, I'm so excited for you. Hope you have a good outcome.

  2. Pimientos de Pedron - I need to hear more about these.....

  3. What an awesome vacation! Love the highlights! Who wouldn't want to party with the shamp-ion mullet men! :) Glad you had a wonderful time!

  4. Glad you had a good time! And happy belated birthday. Sorry I wasn't so thoughtful. Only a week left!!! :)

  5. Now that sounds like one fantabulous holiday. Jolly good.

  6. Eunice is amazing. Can I send her flowers, lol?

  7. You are taunting me with these holiday things that you speak of....
    The downside of living here (Oz) is that we would have to remortgage the house for teh airfare to visit all those fabulous places you visited and I'm positively green with envy. But then I suppose I'm lucky to already be living in paradise ;)

  8. awsome awsome awsome yup that sums it up

  9. Sounds like you had a great time. And wonderful photos too, by the way.

    And, yeah, the head is much better in Europe :-)

  10. Sounds like you've enjoyed a few vacations, Secret D

    Sarah, They are like mini peppers (or do you guys say capsicums?). Amazing.

    Stacey, They are my favourite party-people.

    Belated birthday works for me Lea

    Very jolly good Nuts

    Mary, Eunice is all mine, back off!!

    Corymbia, you have everything you need in Oz - without the language barrier.

    PiB, just about.

    I see why you moved out there Mick


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