Sunday, 5 July 2009

My Fair Lady?

I normally loath shopping for clothes.

A trip usually goes something like this.

I spend half an hour standing on a sweaty bus into town. Because I am not a sophisticated shopper who goes for 'investment pieces' the places I choose to buy from involves having to plough through crowds of disdainful 14 year olds to get to the the clothes. Once there I pluck an item from rack. Of course, thanks to the multi-national corporations that dominate the high street I have no idea whether the size on the label is UK, European or American. I take a punt, and am usually wrong.

Then there is the queue for changing room. The fight with changing room curtain, which I eventually lose and try and change in the shielded part of the room rather than in front of the gape.

As I struggle into clothes I discover. (Delete as applicable, one always happens):
  • My head is in the arm hole
  • I can't reach the zip
  • There is a nasty ripping sound
  • The item is a tent
  • The item is made for a Barbie doll
  • There is a smear of foundation all over the head hole - and it isn't mine
  • If it is a dress the top bit is too small and the bottom bit too big
  • The trousers are too long
  • There are too many straps and I can't workout which bit goes where
  • Someone in the next door changing room comes out wearing exactly the same garment and looks 20 times better.

Generally as I am trying to get back into my old clothes I'll catch a glimpse of my underwear clad self in the full length mirror, and spend five minutes pushing my stomach out, slouching and pulling faces. Generally trying to make myself look as vile as possible. I don't know why.

So I pull my old clothes back on. I get grumpy. Too hot and bothered to try anything else on and leave shops grumbling.

That is the normal MO.

However yesterday something unheard of happened.

I went in early to avoid the crowds, I only went to two shops. In the first I tried on and bought pair of trousers reduced in the sale. In the second I found a last dress. It was a dress I had seen before and liked but was too expensive. It was in my size and it fitted perfectly and it had 60% off.

It was only when I got home I realised why today was so different.

Turns out I was channeling Audrey:

Exhibit A: The Capri Pant

Exhibit B: The Classic Shift

My Fair Lady or Funny Face? I don't care, but I'm happy.


  1. oooohhh...nice! Yes, a good shopping experience is hard to come by. It must be savored when it can! Love it!

    Shopping for clothes is when I realize how much weight I actually have gained...and see that my image of myself is actually much better than reality.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous and whether you are channeling Audrey or not you look FABULOUS!!!

    Love both pieces but especially the dress!!!

  3. I love the Audrey look. My wedding dress was totally an Audrey wannabe attempt. I'm with you as regards shopping. I used to enjoy it when I weighed two stone less than now, but these days it's nothing short of an endurance test.

    Love the clothes, well wear!

  4. I'm loving the new clothes ... especially the gorgeous dress.

    I'm liking teh capris too - I live in capris for most of the year (but its a *freezing* 17 degrees in here today so I am rugged up)

  5. I always have the urge to pick at my face in changing room mirrors. Must be 'cause the light is always so harsh in there. They should put in mood lighting.

    You are definitely channeling Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey! Great pics!

  6. Effortlessly finding great clothes is reason to celebrate no matter who you are channeling. (-; Both look great!

  7. Looking good. Don't you just love those kind of shopping trips?! They don't come along very often but when they do....

  8. Oh shopping can be horrid. Last time I went out shopping there was no lock on the door and I was walked in on several times. Not terrible in itself, but the dressing room opened out into the store, so everytime I some new saw me undressed. Actually, it was a little like college.

  9. Definitely few and far between Murgdan, and savoured.

    Cheers Jenn,

    U saw your wedding pics and loved it Jane

    Corymbia, 17 degrees isn't freezing mate.

    Those mirrors Stacey ... ugh

    It is once in a blue moon Lost in Space

    Ta Secret D

    That is harsh, Jules, although I'm intrigued by your college days.

  10. I love how you teamed the dress with the silver bangle - might I also say for one who has mentioned her weight gain a fair few times on your blog, you are looking toned and honed!

  11. She was, PiB, I did have to buy a box set of Audrey films for one of my (female) gay mates, I think though that she is one of these women that women love more than men.

    Why thank you Wig, I was rather pleased with the bangle too. As I am constantly saying to the husband - it is the small things that make all the difference.

  12. Ooh, you look NIIIICE.

  13. nice selections! What great luck finding the dress again at 60% off and having it be your size! I think Funny Face, for sure... or that one where she is a runaway princess on holiday.


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