Thursday, 23 July 2009

But Of Course

At least I am now clear about one thing.

I recently wondered whether I was jinxed when it came to Doctor's appointments.

I can now categorically inform you that I am.

The Proof

Remember how Eunice called when I was away but then said just ring when I was back in the country.

This is why:

My appointment with Mr S to take out the coil was scheduled for Monday 27 July.

I booked this appointment six months ago, I got a text from the hospital a couple of days ago to remind me it was happening (complete with clinic number room, date and time).

But, it turns out, it can't take place on Monday.

Because Mr S. isn't in on Monday. Fair enough, people have holidays, it is the summer we must all adapt. But no, this wasn't a one-off glitch this was because (and this'll make you laugh, cause it sure as hell had me in stitches), he doesn't work on Mondays.

He never works Mondays.

Mondays are to Mr S what Sundays are to you and I.

So what, you may ask, was the receptionist doing booking me in for an appointment on a Monday?

I have no answer other than there are some higher forces at play. It is like fate and karma have combined forces to ensure that my womb never reopens for business.

But they didn't reckon on Eunice.

She's sorted me out an appointment on Tuesday morning.

I'll get the coil whipped out, a quick scan to see if it has done what it should have done and then ... well, lets see. I'm not banking on anything anymore.

(And no I can't be arsed changing my ticker - you can just add one day can't you?)


  1. Does Eunice wear her underpants outside her tights?

  2. hahah - last word verification 'beanicsi'

  3. Argh. I'm sorry you have to wait one more day, but thank goodness for Eunice! She saves the day again.

  4. I know to you it probably seems like it took forever, but I can't believe it's time for that thing to come out already!!! Time flies when you're not conceiving!

  5. Thank God for Eunice and all great healthcare workers everywhere!

  6. So glad that Eunice is there to help things along.

  7. You really couldn't make this stuff up!
    Glad you had a good holiday - I read The Book Thief in my Book Group back in Dec (well actually I cheated and we had it in the car on audio book on the drive back from Germany to Cornwall - 15 hours of talking book, very good though!). Only a few more days to go now Vick xxxx

  8. SuperEunice to the rescue. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love Eunice.
    ... in fact I want to nominate Eunice for 'Nurse Of The Year'

  9. I wish every NHS hospital had a Eunice. Here's hoping that Tuesday is, indeed, the day. You've waited long enough.

  10. You took it better than I imagine I would have. Looking forward to hearing good news from the scan...

  11. I think Eunice should get the post of Minister for Health. Either that or canonisation.

    Best of luck on Tuesday.

  12. I'm not sure, Xbox, Eunice and I aren't that intimate.


    Geez indeed Sarah

    She did save the day, and I only lost a day, Lea, phew

    In hindsight it has been quick, Megan, but at the time, ughh.

    Indeed, Barbra

    Me too, Batty

    I wouldn't make this up Wig, it wouldn't sound plausible. There are pictures in the Book Thief, how does that work in a spoken book?

    Excellent idea, Corymbia, and if that award hasn't been invented I'll have to invent it.

    I'm sure there is a Eunice in each one, it is just the question of finding her, Secret D

    Its just a day Chelsea, just a day (I keep having to repeat).

    Or both, Jane


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