Saturday, 6 June 2009

*wheeze* *hack* *spit*

The husband wants us to sleep in separate beds.

In different rooms.

To say I have had a cough for the last two weeks feels akin to saying that Berlusconi has a bit of an eye for the ladies.

I no longer breath, instead I wheeze with the breath barely being able to penetrate my lungs.

Each cough has sent my brain rattling around my skull like the treats inside a Kinder Egg.

I've had coughing fits that have caused me to puke up my dinner. Which, because I was taken unawares and only made it so far as the sink made me vomit even more as I cleared the masticated tomato and ricotta pasta out of the sink.

The top of my duvet is covered with dry spittle as I stuff it in my mouth to try and prevent the hacking waking the husband.

It hasn't worked. He wants out.

I've tried:
  • Cough mixtures (two non-drowsy for day, one drowsy for night)
  • Day nurse
  • An asthma inhaler (I've never had asthma but the doctor prescribed it to try and open up my lungs)
  • Pain killers
  • Lozenges
  • Night nurse (which I love although it means I cough in my sleep which doesn't help the husband)
  • Acupuncture in my chesty regions.
I've been googling symptoms for swine flue and TB with a zeal I use to reserve for early pregnancy symptoms.

The husband has been sympathetic. (<- he made me write that).

Has anyone got sure-fire cures for expectorating coughs? At this point I'm willing to try anything except leeches.


  1. In the US we have tablets called mucinex that can help.
    Otherwise I'd suggest going to a doctor if you haven't already. With the wheezing etc you may need a breathing treatment.

  2. Vapouriser with ti-tree oil in your room as you sleep.
    That and expectorate away - better out tahn in.
    If you've got a lung infection I hope the doc has given you antibiotics.

    My hubby complains that I snore when I have a cold and thinks I should sleep on the couch. Boohoo I say - he snores ALL the time and I don't make him sleep on the couch.

  3. I believe that diamorphine is an excellent cough suppressant, but does tend to be a tiny tad on the addictive side. Asking for a heroin prescription down the GP's will almost certainly go badly. Am settling for Get Well Soon wishes instead!

  4. Ohhhhhhh ive had the exact same thing for 13 days and counting...
    I too googled swine flu, but the day and night nurse is keeping it at bay ..
    Its getting a bit better now, I think !!
    Get better soon !. xx xx

  5. I'm with Battynurse...the drug in 'Mucinex' is guifenesin...I'd see if you can find some of that...and drink tons and tons and tons of water...and I'm so sorry...

    There are few things worth than the cough that never ends.

    Also, my husband snores and we mostly sleep in separate rooms all the time. (no, that has nothing to do with why we haven't gotten pregnant).


  6. You poor thing. :( I hope you feel better soon. I don't have any more good advice other than what you've gotten.

  7. No new advice (I'm a firm believer in Mucinex, by the way!), but just wanted to add my well wishes. It sucks being that sick. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  8. I have something FANTASTIC that always works for me!

    Chop a whole onion and put it in a small bowl with a couple of tablespoons of honey. Leave it in the fridge overnight. The next morning take a spoonful of the juice (DO NOT eat the onion!) and in the evening do the same. Your cough will be gone in a day or two OR YOUR MONEY BACK...

    No seriously, try it. It's disgusting, but works...

  9. The only thing I can think of that seriously works is doing treatments with a nebulizer, usually with some form of steroid in it (albuterol)and you wear a mask or hold it near you to breathe it in as it turns the medicine into a steam treatment. This has to come from a dr. Along the same lines as an asthma treatment.

    I once coughed every day/night for nearly 2 months. It was horrendous. I ate so many cough drops something strange happened to my tongue. Tried all the cough medicines. Ugh. Good luck, feel better soon!

  10. Ta batty, I've been to the Doc, no help whatsoever.

    That's a good idea corymbia, I have a vapouriser somewhere which I completely forgot about. Thanks.

    Smack my bitch up hairyfarmer

    I hope mine starts to get better too Bubba

    'Murgdan' I don't think Mucinex is legal here, I certianly can't find it anywhere.

    Thanks for the sympathy Barb

    The more I hear about Mucinex, Rebecca, the more I am convinced it is the only cure.

    Thanks BFN

    Mick, I read this last night and got as far as finding an onion and pondering it, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. That and leeches.

    Ta Heather am definitely going to go for some kind of inhaler cure tonight.


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