Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Waiting Game

Look to your left. Can you see my ticker? Depending on when you are looking you'll see I have a month (well 30 days) until the coil is removed.

For the last six months time has been anything but constant.

Whenever I go on a journey I always find the last quarter incredibly tedious. Whether it is a twenty minute trip and the last five minutes are excruciating or a four hour journey the first three hours will fly but but the last hours? c r a w l s.

And it turns out it is the same with the last six months. The first four went by in a flash. These last few weeks have been eye-wateringly slow. A down moment at work, and I flick to my calendar counting how many working days until the coil is removed, or number of weeks until I might actually (assuming everything goes to plan) get the IUI.

It doesn't help that I have a weeks holiday coming up so I am waiting for that too.

But do you know what pisses me off most?

Even though I've been sloughing through nine months in total since I last had sex without contraception, even though before that it was another six months since I ovulated, even though prior to that there was a good few years of waiting until the husband would allow me to try and get pregnant. Even with all that waiting. I know that at some point in my future I'll have a mere two week wait that'll probably seem longer than all of that put together.

I just hope it'll be worth the wait.


  1. Wow! Finally! I'm so excited for you to get that thing out...also hoping it was worth the wait!

  2. I'm the same, the closer I get to something the further away it seems and waiting for more than one thing makes it oh so much worse! I hope all the waiting leads to 9ish months of more waiting.

  3. You'll have them for sure. And if it goes the right way, it will be worth every minute of agony to date.

    er...what's with the dumbells?

  4. I am your second twin (separated by only genetics, distance and age but ... still)
    Despite parenthood, I still don't have any patience once the long awaited *thing* is almost within reach.
    Hence my aforementioned mantra for waiting times like these .. It Won't Always Be Like This, Something Will Change.

    I've got everythign crossed that your waiting is almost over.

  5. Box-Boy NOT dumbells ... Weights! = Waits ... geddit?

  6. So glad to see you are nearing the end of this phase and hopefully starting the beginning of a very new and exciting one!!

  7. I know what you mean about time moving slowly towards the end. It IS excruciating. I hope you get to your excrutiatly slow 2 week wait very soon. :)

  8. Hope the wait is worth it too.

  9. Well, Murgdan, almost finally, certainly on the home stretch.

    Serendipity, and you've got a lot of waiting going on too, so I know you understand.

    I hope so Xbox, and what Corymbia saif re: weights.

    You must be my twin, Corymbia, cause only you got the picture!

    Thanks Barb

    Lost in Space, if nothing else it'll get me out of this limbo.

    Yeah Lea, then I'll really understand about waiting.

    Thanks batty

  10. At last, the home stretch. At least you have a week off which will hopefully take your mind off it and then, when you get back to work, you'll be snowed under with catching up.

  11. You're almost there! After all this, the 2WW will seem like a breeze!

    Duh on me, I didn't get the weights-waits either. Thought maybe you were gonna do some body building while you were waiting.

  12. waiting... can be delicious or terrifying.

    Or, like now, a pain in the arse.

    Hoping that it goes quickly for you babe.


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