Thursday, 11 June 2009

Too Cool for School

Ah, work experience.

A week where 16 year-olds the length and breadth of the country come into offices to learn what a real job is like. At the age where they are at their most gangly, awkward, shy and pimple-ridden they are thrust into the working environment to spend a tedious weeks of making tea, filing and fending off office juniors who try to either shag or bully them.

The result of the week is that everyone returns to school declaring that they don't want to be stuck in an office all day and they want a job that means something. This is something they soon forget only to wake up 10 years later have a quarter-life crisis and go do voluntary service abroad.

Last week I got a call asking if my eldest Goddaughter/cousin could come and do work experience with me. Once the smelling salts had bought me round - I'm far too young to have a 16 year old goddaughter - I said yes.

And now I am worried.

She is coming the last week in July. She lives in the middle of the countryside so she is staying with me in London Town. 9.30am that Monday morning I am having the coil removed so she will a) have to be told at least an approximation of why she won't be starting until mid-day that day and b) if it is bad news I will have no option of calling in sick, going home and spending the day wrapped in a duvet of self-pity. (Maybe that is a good thing).

And then I have to decide what sort of project to give her. Because let's face it, I want her to finish the week thinking I have a cool job. And I do have a cool job.


Well, I work for a cool company, but maybe my over use of the word 'cool' makes me like some sort of dork. Do the kidz nowadays even use the word dork?

Oh my god. The pressure. Why do I even care what a 16 year old country bumpkin thinks?

Fuck it, she can clear out the stationary cupboard.


  1. First, I hope it's good news and you won't have to worry about not being able to call in sick. Second, I have no idea if they still use the word dork, but I'm sure you will learn A LOT that week. ;)

  2. I'm sure she will let you know what words are still in these days. I think you know enough online lingo to fit in with all the teen texting crap.

    I hope the coil brings you good news and that you are able to figure out something great for her to do.

  3. I remember being a 16 year old country bumpkin, clearing out the stationery cupboard for two weeks. I'm sure she'll love it just as much as I did ;-)

    I'm sure people still say cool, not so certain about the 'dork' though...

  4. What bad timing! I can totally understand the stress of having a teenager come and stay. I have a neice (14) and a nephew (16) who make me feel very, very old. I think I am a 'cool' aunt but I'm not so sure they would agree.


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