Monday, 29 June 2009

Things that made me smile this weekend

Friday night

Taking dog for his evening jaunt weaving between the revelers who claim every spare patch of grass in London as soon as the sun come out.

Bloke to his mate "Ahh! Look at that dog. I use to train greyhounds."
Grabs the dog in a frankly over familiar manner considering they had just met.
To me: "But this isn't a full greyhound"
To his mate: "You can tell he's half lurcher"
Me: "No he use to race at Walthamstow, his pedigree is online, he's all greyhound"
As I walk off, he is still trying to persuade his pal that he knows all about greyhounds.

Ha, ha!

Saturday lunchtime

My second and final session with the physically-blessed intellectually-challenged trainer.

Him: "Right I want to show you how to use kettle weights. They're really good for all different types of toning, they've been around for ages, over two hundred years ... (look of concern flashes across his perfect features) ... not, not these actual ones. But these types of weights are really old."

I responded with a nod and a smile rather than a 'No shit Sherlock!'.

Saturday Afternoon

Building a cardboard space rocket with my nephew. Just made me smile, 'cause it did.

Ok. Actually it started to grate a little when he kept insisting that cardboard wasn't the best material and maybe we should be using brick, countering my assertion that bricks would be too heavy with, "Well, maybe then we should use little light bricks."

Can't argue with that.


The husband is away with the boys (they being his friends, not my pet name for his testicles). At some point during the night he sent me the text that greeted me on Sunday morning:

I hate absinthe, but I love you, you lucky devil.

Do you think, and just a shot in the dark here, he decided he hated absinthe after imbibing quite a lot of it? (And are you impressed he still carefully punctuates his texts?)

How was your weekend?


  1. It was great! Thanks for asking. :) Nobody molested my dog, but good otherwise.

    Glad to hear you had some smiles.

  2. Um, cleaning, painting, arranging furniture, rearranging furniture, bottle of wine, painting...

    Wasn't too bad actually. Didn't have the luck of avoiding the in-laws though...

    And the only person molesting my dog was me :-)

  3. Did NOT manage to avoid the awkward in-law phone call.

    The dogs only molested each other. And at least one cat.

    Had fun with my nephews, too! :)

  4. Ahhh - nothing like having a stranger molest your dog ;)
    Your nephew sounds cute - and inventive.
    I'm impressed with your hubby's ability to punctuate texts - I can barely work out how to do that sober.
    My weekend was nice in that my cousin visited (she's holidaying in Oz - she normally lives in Ethiopia and has neither a working phone nor an address which the postal system can service so its was quite a big thing to see her).

  5. Not sure which one cracked me up more - the nephew or the hubby text. LOL.

    Too sunburned (blisters, peeling, and lots of gore) from last weekend to have any fun this weekend... stupid, stupid, stupid. (-;

  6. I had a good weekend, thanks - nothing nearly as exciting as yours! I will confess that I ignore the phone when my in-laws call and then feel guilty (although only for about 5 minutes).

  7. It was good, thanks.Debated a little bit about the feline friend as you could read, then enjoyed the summer sun for about, hum..15minutes.That's all I can stand now.Oh and about the in-laws..I just don't pick up and don't feel guilty about it.Can't stand the 'have you been eating right'for the 100th time....

  8. My weekend was spent mainly partying. Friday night a sports and social club party for all the leavers from work. Since I used to be the treasurer of the club, I got free drink all night. By the time john came in to pick me up I had the goo on me for chips and made him drive me around town in search of greasy food.

    Saturday we went to Dublin for my cousin's 40th. There's only a day between us and I stole hir birthday by having my party on the 30th May, so she had hers last Saturday. As usual we were the last to leave. Enough said.

    I'm smiling at your hubby's text messsage. Impressive punctuation indeed for someone after a session on that stuff. Don't they say that absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?

  9. Does your dog feel left out Lea?

    Sounds very worthy Mick, your poor dog ...

    Do you think they call us just to torture us Stacey?

    Wow a cousin who lives in Ethiopia! Must be fascinating to hear about. Corymbia

    Lost in Space, ouchy! after sun and lots of it.

    Secret D, do you think they guess we are just not picking up?

    Leo, yeah your cat saga sounds tough.

    I dunno where you get the energy Jane, two nights in a row and I'm done for. Love, love, love the absinthe comment - just wish I'd thought of it to make it a prompt reply!

  10. ew, hate phone calls myself. and absinthe...

  11. Smiling too.

    (Also, yes, I do ignore the phone sometimes. Especially when I can see it's my mother, yea verily because of the ASSVICE).

  12. lol *snort* "assvice"


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