Wednesday, 17 June 2009

They're All At It

Apparently everyone at my work is pregnant. I was amazed to hear this from two different people this week.

I know! Do you know what that means? I must be pregnant without realising it.

Not just that, but my male colleagues are going to get a bit of a shock in a couple of months when their beer-bellies morph into vessels carrying their own little miracles.

It means our female head is going to give Britain's oldest mum a run for her money.

I must say it is all tremendously exciting.

I'm envisaging baby showers in the canteen. And surely with our combined buying power we can get huge discounts not just on bulk-buy disposable objects such as nappies and nipple pads but top of the range yummy-mummy prams too.

Of course there is a downside.

I imagine there will be a positive stampede of rotund bellies every time I need to go to the toilet as those pesky featus' decide collectively to tap dance on the workforces bladder. And goodness knows how, in these cash-strapped times, we are going to afford maternity cover for all of our full time staff.

I think shall have to become more creative with our staff benefits. I might suggest lunch time sessions dedicated to strengthening our pelvic floor muscles to prevent every chair swimming in a sea of ...

Oh no wait.

Their mistake.

When they say everyone they actually mean three people, all women, plus two recent births.

But they do have a bit of a point. Is it just me or is there a lot of it about just now?

The other day I had to rejig my blogroll to recategorise several people who blog to the "Those on their way" category. And a friend in real life is cautiously optimistic about seeing her pregnancy that resulted from IVF through to the end.

I feel nothing but joy to see people who have struggled get through the other side. It is brilliant and like a beacon of hope for the rest of us.

But my heart aches for those who were so close to getting on their way but after losses or thousands of pounds spent on treatment remain unfertilised. And for my other friends in real life who are struggling.

I still feel I have got off lightly so far, all I am wasting is time - I've not had a miscarriage, I haven't had any treatment and had to see my hopes dashed. But soon just a month and a half I'll find out whether the six months of coil had done the trick. I'll know whether I can get my long awaited shot of IUI and I'll find out whether I am on my way to join the haves or the have nots.

It is a scary but exciting time.

Anyway it is a bit late, but I've had my eye of the ball for the last few days. But if you have a moment pop over to Fertility Authority to see why you should never tell someone with blue eyes that they must have perfect vision. (By the way the italics over there aren't mine, but if you read italics like I do they make me sound more sarcastic than usual in this post, so forgive that.)


  1. I completely understand where you are comming from on all of these fronts. You could actually say that "everyone" I work with is pregnant accept for me. There are only three of us at the moment so it really isn't all that much, but the other two are pregnant.

    I also feel that I haven't really put my feet in the water of treatments yet either. You are waiting on your coil...I am waiting on loosing weight. I have been trying for 7 years, but at the same time I read all of these blogs and feel that I am totally out of the loop.

  2. No idea what to say here. Surprisingly conflicted times, these.

  3. "It is a scary but exciting time."

    I know it is. I felt the same way starting treatments. Now, I'm not so excited, but that's just the way it went for me. I'm so excited for you though!

  4. Have I told you about the time I let fly at a bloke at work who was always bitching about his children in the tea room? (we were ttc at the time, I'd just discovered Aunty had come to visit again and I Wasn't Taking It Well).

    Or the time when I m/c and got all the "probably for the best" comments...

    People try to say something helpful but fail ... which is why I think your article at FA on what to say is brilliant.

  5. It does feel like there is a huge wave of pregnancy and births in the last few months and that it has been lighter before. Even though I am in a different country with a completely different life.

    Man I can't belive you are almost coil free. I remember when you got it put in and I did flitter a brief thought that I would likely be pregnant well before you and I then I would be a blogger rejiged. Many failed cycles later and the gods are laughing and pointing at my stupidity.

    I'm glad you have the removal to look foward too. A fresh start of sorts. I'm looking foward to rejiging you, in the nicest possible way of course.

  6. It does seem like pregnancy is sweeping the blogosphere faster than swineflu swept Australia, so much so that I’m starting to refer to it as the BFP-flu. I’m delighted and overjoyed that so many people are finally getting their chances and devestated when time and time again I see people who really deserve a chance fail. It’s a strange world, this IF.

    Apart from the scary and the exciting, it must feel nice to finally be able to do something after months of waiting - I hope that this BFP-flu comes round and smacks you on the nose quickly.

  7. Great humour..great blog title! You made me smile today through the tears of my latest miscarriage so thank you for that :)

  8. That sounds incredibly tough Bee Bee, I hope your time comes soon.

    Don't tell me you are lost for words, Xbox! And don't worry about what you write here I know how you feel and I don't begrudge your joy in the slightest.

    Lea, you were one of the people I had in mind when I wrote this, I glad you are back.

    You did tell me about the guy you work with, Corymbia, but not the 'probably best comment' ... bloody heel!

    PiB, well if you don't beat me to it maybe you can join me?

    Here's hoping for a pandemic Serendipity (nice analogy).

    Oh man, JBBC, I don't know how to respond to that, I glad I made you smile - I'm sorry you've had such a hellish time. Thanks for your blog link, will add it to the roll.

  9. Yep, definitely seem to be everywhere at the moment.


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