Friday, 12 June 2009

Hanging on by a thread

I think I am jinxed.

I was supposed to have an appointment with the Familial cancer Clinic on Tuesday but I had to postpone it. My Doctor had arranged it when I had told her how dissatisfied I was with the brush off my sisters and I got last time we discussed the options.

Because of work commitments, and because it doesn’t really matter if that appointment happens this month or next I rang to postpone it.

Yesterday I got a letter confirming that I indeed had postponed my appointment until 16 of August.

Only they had postponed the wrong one. They postponed the appointment I was supposed to have next week to discuss my protocol for IUI. The appointment that was supposed to ensure that I ‘hit the ground running’ as soon as the coil comes out on the 27 of July. Now this appointment is due almost three weeks later.

I rang to explain my predicament. The predicament that came out of their screw up.

Disembodied, disinterested voice on the end of the phone: “Yeah ... I see ... Yeah she did change the wrong appointment ... No, there are no other appointments now before then.”

I don’t know what to do. I am close to tears at the thought of another delay. A delay the Doctor said shouldn’t happen because she wanted me to have IUI as quickly as possible after the coil came out to prevent my diseased womb lining having a chance to grow again.

I’ve left a message for Eunice.

Wish me luck.


Eunice called back. She'd just had a cancellation for the 8 of July and I now have that slot.

I am ridiculously relieved.

I thanked her effusively, my voice cracking slightly as I said "You really helped me out in January too, thank you so much."

I worry I might have come across as an over-emotional, slightly deranged, potential-stalker type. (So nothing against type there.) Maybe I won't send a bunch of flowers thanking her until I actually have a baby.

And I think I have a contender for name of my first born girl!


  1. Crap (well I was thinking some other words but they'd make a sailor blush). The NHS always seems to me like some vicious black hole that sucks you up, crushes you and then spits you out. I really hope that you get a call back and get this sorted out, after all you shouldn't have to pay for their incompetence.

  2. H'okay! Deep breaths.

    I am a seasoned veteran bully of NHS appointment-makers. I demand to see their supervisor at the slightest hint of obstruction. I have used, in the past, tears, shouting, pleading, and toadying. They all work, the hard part is knowing what to do when!

    I thnk the way forward here is to impress upon them that this goes beyond personal inconvenience: there is an important medical reason for that appointment happening when it was happening. Timing is everything with IF treatment, and by moving that appt, and refusing to move it back, they are impinging, potentially severely, on your quality of care. Tell them that. If you get a disembodied voice, ask to speak to it's boss. If the boss isn't helpful, try ringing your dr's secretary - all drs are ruled by a rod of secretarial iron - and bleating pitifully about how your dr has officially told you that your womb lining WILL BUGGER UP COMPLETELY if you're not seen straight after it comes out.


  3. That is, of course, providing that Eunice does not come up with the goods. Which she very likely will. We all love Eunice!

  4. FUCK! Seriously. FUCK! I feel frustrated for you. You MUST push on this. If you do not hear back early afternoon, phone Eunice again. You don't want to leave it over the weekend. It is so fucking frustrating.

  5. Oh God. I'm so sorry. I hope Eunice can fix this fuck up.

  6. WTF. As if there wasn't enough time to plan ahead for all of this. I am so sorry. There is just nothing worse than waiting...

    I do wish you good luck, and anything else you need to make them fix this.

  7. Hi Liz,

    As you know I read your blog lots to keep up to date with how you are and because of your witty, eloquent prose! I should comment more often too because i often want to say something. They HAVE to fit you in because, like HFF says, there's a medical reason why that appt was made on that particular date. I hope you have the appt reinstated today so you dont have to worry about it over the weekend. lots of love Wig xxxx

  8. So glad that got worked out. You probably just sounded like every other emotional woman dealing with infertility. Good luck with your appointment.

  9. That's a relief! I bet you feel a lot better now than this morning! Eunice rules!

  10. So glad you got a call back with good news! Phew. I think you've waited long enough - jeez.

  11. Serendipity that is a prety perfect summing up of the NHS especially because sometimes, just sometimes there is a little light at the end of the black hole.

    HFF, excellent advice. And we do all love Eunice.

    Thanks Secret D, and yes I did push it, and now I can relax over the weekend.

    TA Megan

    Murgdan, turns out all I needed was Eunice

    I know Wig, and I love you for it. (Although I'm thinking this post won't go down in the annals of witty and eloquent prose!)

    I probably did Batty, (but I still feel a bit embarrassed)

    Mick, would it be creepy to wear a Eunice Rules T-Shirt to my next appointment?

    Lea, phew indeed.

  12. fuck, I read this in my reader earlier and was about to go off on a rant before I saw your EDIT here.

    I doesn't take much to keep you going through this, just keeping appointments and generally not bolloxing it all up.

    And yet they always do. Always.

  13. Thank Crikey for Eunice. I had my heart in my mouth for most of that post.

  14. Yes, the t-shirt could be just a little too much.

    I suppose you could always wear a badge instead :-)

  15. Oh man. I was SO upset for you for a minute there! That is awful. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that shit. But I'm very glad you have someone pulling for you. I bet she appreciates your gratitude. It's probably partly whey she does stuff like that. So close now!!

  16. Go Eunice.
    (was having a mild conniption until I gotto your update - they can't fcuk around with you on this so don't let them).

  17. Phew! But ratfucksonofabitch for the first part/

  18. We love Eunice. You might need to buy her a bottle of wine or something:) Whew.

  19. Xbox, save your rant, I'm sure I'll need it some other time before this is over!

    Indeed Nuts, I thank more than crikey for Eunice

    Do you want to see me arrested Mick?

    Barb, thanks, so near and yet so far.

    Getting militant Corymbia!

    Hurray I got my favourite curse from you Kelley! Makes it all worth it.

    Mary, if this works I will get her something - the jury is still out on the French Doc.

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