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For those of you who really want the gory details. Here is a summary of what has happened so far (with links once we get past May 2008 when I started to blog). But for a quicker summary I'd suggest you stick to my About Me page.

2000-ish - I didn't have a period for about 6 months. I wasn't trying to get pregnant but did lots of pregnancy tests - all negative - to try and work out why I wasn't getting a period. I went to the doctor, had a scan and was told I had polycystic ovaries (pcos) and the doctor packed me off saying; "Its not a problem until you want to get pregnant then there are drugs we can give you." Simple. Or so I thought...

Nov 2006 - Finally tied the knot with my long-term boyfriend. Chucked the condoms (not that we had to wait until we got married but it seemed like the right time), started taking the pre-natal vitamins. Got excited about the idea of becoming parents.

March 2007 - No sign of a pregnancy, decided to go back to the doctor, because we knew I had pcos so it was time to get on them drugs I was promised. However it was a new doctor and my old notes seemed to have evaporated. He practically laughed in my face, and told me I had to be trying for at least a year before they would consider medical intervention.

April - October 2007 - Lots more shagging, ovulation predictor kits, more vitamins. No positive pregnancy test.

November 2007 - We'd waited a year. So it was back to the doctors (new doctor again - not my fault this is the nature of the National Health Service in the UK). Doctor tells me I have to wait TWO years before a referral. I wasn't about to stand for this. I pulled out a sheath of paper with all the dates and duration of my periods for the last year (I just about managed not to catalogue our couplings). It showed just how erratic my periods were with up to 93 days between periods. The doctor conceded there may be a problem and referred me to specialist fertility clinic in hospital. The appointment was scheduled for the next free slot ... January (the nature of waiting lists on the NHS)

January 2008 - Had an appointment with fertility specialist, I left with a mass of tests booked in - but no answers or those long promised drugs.

March 2008 - Test results all seem really positive, the blood test showed I was ovulating, and for once my period seemed to be fairly regular. A scan seems to show the pcos has gone but they think I may have a subseptate womb, a subsequent 3D scan shows that I don't. Husband has sperm test, he passes. We were told there was no reason why we shouldn't get pregnant very soon, so to keep at it and come back in June, 11 days after a period for a HSG (getting tubes checked to ensure there isn't a blockage) if we aren't pregnant.

May 2008 - start this blog. Figure loads of people who have a blog get pregnant.

April - June 2008 - I don't have a period, I'm not pregnant. Call hospital as worried that I can't have a HSG without first having a period prescribed Provera to bring my period on.

June 2008 - finally get a period, have a HSG

July 2008 - Possible irregularities found at the HSG need more investigation.

September 2008 - Have Hysteroscopy, discover abnormal womb lining

October 2008 - Get prescribed 3 months worth of Provera to help clear out my irregular womb lining.

January 2009 - Stopped the provera. Didn't get a period, womb lining remains intact and isn't very healthy. So have had a coil shoved up there for six months to blitz the lining and get it all tumbling out to prepare me for insemination.

27 July 2009 - Coil removed. Womb lining is a mere point 1 of a millimeter thicker than hoped, and that is good enough.

End July/ Early August 2009 - Take clomid for 5 days to kick start ovulation. (At last those drugs I was promised).

10 August 2009 - Have Interuterine Insemination. Was convinced it'd worked. It hadn't.

9 October 2009 - Have IUI number two. Fail.

11 December 2009 - The third IUI, best chance yet. Have a really good feeling about this one. I was wrong.

January 2010 - Get the go ahead for IVF.

March 2010 - Meet the IVF specialist who orders all of the tests again.

June 2010 - Have the appointment one final test outstanding, another hysteroscopy.

July 2010 - Have the hysteroscopy. Turn 34. Get the Hysteroscopy results it isn't good, I still have endometrial atypia. The plan is birth control for three months before starting IVF.

November 2010 - Coil removed. Biopsy to see if womb is clear.

December 2010 - Biopsy result shows my womb is still not fit for breeding. Have to have a womb-scrape to try and remove the abnormal cells. This is scheduled for Christmas Eve.

January 2011 - Get go ahead for IVF. IVF number one is detailed here. FAIL.

May 2011 - IVF number 2, details here. FAIL.

Nov 2011 - IVF number 3, Details here. FAIL

Jan /Feb 2012 - Start IVF number 4. Egg collection in Feb but then freeze egg whilst my womb is prepared for implantation.

April 2012 - Frozen embryo transfer. Got pregnant, but there was no heartbeat at 8 week scan.

Dec 2012 - Frozen embryo transfer. Pregnant.

Feb 2013 - 12 week scan.

31 July 2013 - Had a beautiful, healthy, baby girl!

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