Monday, 11 May 2009

Peas in a pod

So I'm in a meeting this morning with a young artist.

He is very handsome, creative and charming, but there is something more.

I find myself doing a mental comparison:

Mousy hair - check
Pale skin - the same
Stubble - with the correct proportion of brown and a worrying amount of the ginge
Eyes blue - a little darker but not too far off
Height - right
His lower lip is a bit thinner but definitely a similar shape and the upper is a direct hit
Nose - this is key. The husband has the perfect nose (and no, that isn't a euphemism) this guy's is close enough - isn't too bad, straight, not to big, not too small. Yeah. A good shape I could live with that.

He's as close as damnit to the husband.

What has the world come to when I find myself eying up other men, not as objects of lust but as potential sperm donors even when the husband's ejaculate has passed all its tests.

Have I completely lost the plot? Am I alone in this?


  1. Not at all. I think about how to ask super-husband's brother for some swimmers all the time, even though husband's is fine as well. You never know, it might come up!

  2. See and even though I have no husband (or likely because I have no husband) I find myself doing this all the freaking time. There is one 21 year old at work with lots of dark curly hair that would be ideal!! No I have no intention of broaching that subject at all with him.

  3. I have a whole drama queen spiel on all this that is just far too depressing for it's own good.

    so yes, you are on your own.

  4. You are definitely NOT alone love, trust me.

  5. Lovecomes first, Hmm, his brother now there is a thought ...

    battynurse, where there is a will...

    Xbox, nope, I'm lost - but maybe that is a good thing.

    Sarah, I was going to say 'Phew I'm normal' then thought about who left the comment!

  6. I have entertained the thought of using my husband's brother as a donor (although never mentioned it to my husband). However, my husband's brother is a complete and total shit, so that's out.

  7. Although I'm in the same situation as you - no evidence there's anything "wrong" with Mr Spouse - I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I'd married Flaky But Passionate Early-Twenties Boyfriend or Uncommitted But Nice Mid-Twenties Boyfriend.

  8. I find myself looking for egg-donors who have my curly hair and incredible rack. I think I feel more committed to H's genetics than my own (I'm that pissed off with my own...).

  9. Nope! Not alone. In fact, as I was reading your description I was thinking how much like my husband he sounded and yes, my thoughts were heading down the same crazy path.

  10. Yep, you've lost it, but haven't we all?

  11. Nope, not alone. Although I actually DO have a reason to have those thoughts because my hubby’s swimmers are not up to par. I made the mistake of checking out the profiles on a donor database and was very disappointed when I couldn’t find hardly any men that ‘matched’ my husband (due to race). Hopefully we won’t have to make that decision and it won’t matter.

  12. Bottoms Off, I'm not convinced that the Husband's brother is prime breeding material either.

    Dr Spouse, I hear you, doens't help that rebound boyfriend has two kids last count.
    Nuts, I consider myself incomparable so don't have that option (!).

    Secret D, should we arrange a sperm swap for whoever gets pregnant first?

    Jane G, I lost it a long time ago. Wait a moment what are we talking about?

    A Few Good, that is tough, really tough. Hope it doesn't come to that either too.


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