Friday, 1 May 2009

Just one (or two) things

Do you know what pisses me off?

When someone sends me an email about their pregnancy news, I pull myself together, send a quick congrats email to the sender. Done.

But then you'll get the person who does a 'reply all', followed by someone else who wonders what everyone is up to that night, followed by another suggesting a local hostelry to meet in, followed by another email disagreeing with the choice and suggesting an alternative and so on until you come back from a half-hour meeting to discover your inbox has 84 emails all with the shouty heading "Exciting News!!!!"

To use a high brow literary metaphor, it makes me feel like the Durdsleys in the first Harry Potter when they get engulfed by letters enrolling Harry to Hogwarts. (Although I must stress that, much like the Durdsleys, the fault is entirely with me, rather than the email senders who have no idea what I am going through).

Oh, and another thing.

When you come round to my house with your children, it's brilliant. Thankfully I'm not at the stage where I find hanging out with kids difficult. I love it and it reaffirms my belief that I'll be a great mum.

But, but, but, but. Can you not put dirty nappies in my kitchen bin? I mean really! We have a perfectly decent bin in the bathroom which adequately holds at least four nappies. And you know when you say that because your baby isn't on solids their poo doesn't smell? That is utter, utter crap (literally): it really does, but you are immune to it because it is constantly seeping out onto your clothes so your nose has developed some kind of self-defence off-switch mechanism. Unfortunately when you dump your diapers right next to our kitchen sink my nose hasn't had the training required to find that in any way acceptable.

Remember people: USE THE BATHROOM BIN (or for extra brownie points do what a mate did recently and put them in a nappy bag and take them away with you - that, JW, was awesome).

Whew. What a relief, glad I got that off my chest.

If you've got any rants Fertility Authority are running a just one thing campaign your chance to tell a fertile person just one thing. 'Cause apparently it is National Infertility week.


  1. Now that is totally thoughtless. Both the e-mails and the nappies. Glad you feel better after that little rant :-)

  2. OMG OMG OMG I ALWAYS take used nappies home in a bag. It's why I lug scented bags ABOUT.

    Unfortunately, due to the peculiar smell-accustomisation that you mention, the scent on the bags now smells like shit to me, because my brain is confused.

    Scratch that, MORE confused.

    I thought it was national as in: over the pond. My bad. Brewing a rant specially.

  3. The email thing? Argh. Was blindsided by a jolly announcement at work myself today. The IT guy told every single person he met that he'd knocked his fiancee up. Face to face. There are a dozen people in my office.

    I said hurrah, and shook his hand. I am a good girl.

    I was once cleaning the kitchen in a holiday cottage my family once owned, and opened the cupboard under the sink. Oh. My. GOD. The smell. It was a hot summer. The family we were cleaning up after had left three days before. Every SINGLE nappy their toddler had shat in, for an ENTIRE WEEKEND, was stuffed into the cupboard. With maggots. Oh yes.

    And toddler-crap smells nearly as bad as adult-crap at the best of times.

  4. I always feel better after a rant, Mick.

    HFF, I know what you mean about the smell I use the scented bags to pick up my dog's poo - which might be why bagged nappies smell equally bad. (and the NIW prob is just over the pnd - I know nothing).

    NiM yup I had a face-to-face one on Thursday. (Ask appropriate questions, don't think about how much younger than you she is). The holiday cottage story would have me waking up in a cold sweat for weeks!

  5. hi. came by way of iclw.

    why are some people so oblivious to the fact that there are designated areas for changing and dumping of nappies? *remembers an incident at work years ago* triple argh.

    hope you are feeling a bit better after this rant. and thanks for the link.

  6. Somebody put a dirty nappy in your *kitchen* bin???
    Ughhh. Ughhh. Ughhh.

  7. Oh UGH at the diapers thing. I agree. And thanks so much for your kind congrats. I know it sucks. xo

  8. Hi Tomi, thanks for stopping by. The thing is, in my flat there isn't a designated nappy area. But even still ...

    They did Corymbia, two different offenders. (One of which was my big sis who upon reading this said she didn't know that I had a bin in my bathroom because it is in the cupboard under the sink).

    Barb, I am genuinely delighted for you. I don't get jealous when my blog friends get pregnant as I know how much they have gone through to get there.


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