Tuesday, 5 May 2009

How good is your memory?

Ok. I have some questions for you:

At the age of 7 years, were you thinner, about the same or heavier than other girls of your age?


Try this one:

At what age did you stop growing taller?

Oh, come on, dig deep. Surely you know this:

How many weeks was your mother pregnant with you when you were born?

Now try and answer those questions without ringing your Mum.

I am currently filling out a 45 page questionnaire. On the plus side it is all about me, which is one of my favourite topics, on the minus it is asking me things that I just don't know.

Here's another one:

Please tell us the average amount you drank at different periods of your life: Beer, larger, stout or cider (pints per week) aged 18-24

I was seeing double for most of that period, how the hell can I count that?!

Surprisingly this questionnaire is neither to probe my fertility or to grant me entry into the top echelons civil service. I've joined Breakthrough Breast Cancers Generations study.

Their aim is to sign up 100,000 British women delve into their lifestyle and monitor them over many years to see how genetic and lifestyle factors can affect your chances of developing cancer.

I won't get screened so it doesn't help me with the dilemma that even though my Mum first got breast cancer aged 37 they still won't give me a mammogram before I am 40. But lets be honest, I'm not being totally altruistic, if this helps with the search for the cure I see it as back up life insurance.

Oh, oh! I know the answer to this one:

Was there ever a time as long as a year or more when you tried to get pregnant, but did not?

For more details on the study, and how to sign up follow this link: Breakthrough Generations


  1. Oh hell. I want to fight breast cancer, but there's no way I know the answers to those questions.

  2. Wow, I just found out last night that my MIL has breast cancer. She's the first person I've been close to with it. By the way, love the last question.

  3. I'm surprised they won't give you a mammogram earlier.I've been having them since I was 30 and already had to go through surgery.And mind you, I have no history in the family.Keep fighting the good fight. Oh, and you already know the answer to that last question... :)

  4. Hmmm I do know a few of these.
    I'm surprised they won't give you a mammogram though.


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