Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Why I will never understand my husband

TV guide.

Arsenal vs Villareal

Him, excited: "Oh, oh, oh, can we put it on?" Puppy dog eyes "Please"

Me: "Yeah" (secretly loving the fact he is so well trained that he is asking me permission, and I hold the power to make his dreams come true).

Him, switching over: "Shit, fuck, urgh" (Arsenal are one nil down already).

In the 14 minutes it has been on I've heard:

Come on
Oh, fuck off
Balls, balls, fucking balls
Stop writing down everything I say

And he actually wanted to watch this?


  1. Ahhhhh! My freakin eyes! You wrote the "C" word!! Good grief woman! I reserve that word for dire circumstances only. lol

  2. LOL! Well, I hope they start doing better. I could be a long day! ;)

  3. Ha ha so glad my other half is working or the same words would be getting said over the same game !!!!! xx

  4. LMAO......I was laughing so hard reading this that my hubby called down from upstairs asking what the heck was going on!!!

    Men....you gotta love em!!

    By the way...I am actually the one in the house with the potty mouth - I use it regularly while watching my Cleveland Cavaliers! WOOT!!

  5. I don't understand why he'd want to watch the goons either....

  6. LMAO. I needed that.

    I'm usually the one with the bad mouth in the house as well:)

  7. Sarah my love, I'm just quoting - don't shoot the messenger.

    Lea, that was only the first round, the rematch is here next week - luckily he's going to see that without me.

    Yup Bubba, mine only supports Arsenal in England because Aberdeen a) nis never on TV and b) always loses

    Jenn, can't live with them, can't live without 'em... or can we?

    Secret D, aye, as abve.

    Come on Xbox, everyone loves Spike Milligan and Harry Seacome.

    Mary, always happy to oblige.

  8. LOL - you make me glad that we are relatively footy-fanatic-free in this household.

    BUT then the Bathurst 1000 lasts for *8 hours* and they aren't anywhere near as cute to ogle.

    ...but at least its not the cricket *yawn*

  9. He asks you permission? Blimey, you have got a gent.

    H insists on watching F1, and I hide in the bedroom (the car engine noises drive me frantic, and so not in a good way), but he watches it very quietly and intently. I, however, watch the rugby and yell happily at the screen. I still haven't used the C word, but totally will the next time Vickery stamps on someone's head. It's NOT ON.


  10. Corymbia, you lost me at 'Bathurst 1000'but I'm so with you on the cricket.

    Ta One Hit.

    Nuts, I was pretty amazed he asked too but I was watching something else. Reclaim the c word, it is our right!


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