Friday, 10 April 2009


"Wuz up? Why you crying?"

I'm crying because you want me to reverse into that tiny gap between two pristine looking cars.

I'm crying because I hate driving and thought I'd finished the last of it when, as I was parking, I mounted the curb and ripped the wheel (actual picture ->).

I'm crying because it is a hire car and we face a penalty if we get it back late and we have half an hour to return it to the drop off point.

I'm crying because a new tyre is going to cost £75.

I'm crying because the husband and I are so mechanically illiterate that we had to phone my brother-in-law to get him to come and put the spare on so I could drive to the garage.

I'm crying because I've just picked up the dog from the kennels and if there is one thing on earth that gets more nervous than I get driving in central London, it is the dog in the back of a car being driven through central London.

I'm crying because despite being a strong independent woman (in theory) I can't help, at times like this, feel a little aggrieved that the husband has never learnt to drive.

I'm crying because my confidence is shot.

I'm crying because I am angry at myself for bursting into tears in the forecourt of my local Kwik Fit whilst the mechanic looks at me in disbelief.

I'm crying because I know this is pathetic.

Still, I managed to jump the queue, get the mechanic to reverse the car for me, get a new tyre on and be back the drop off point with 3 minutes to spare.

Sometimes its not all hard to be a woman.


Oh, and if you were looking for something more fertility related my next post is up on Fertility Authority. Check it out!


  1. I hope you had a martini when you got home:)

  2. Your husband doesnt know how to drive?? Wow. Well, its never to late.

    I'm sorry you had such a rough time. And its ok to cry sometimes. No worries.


  3. I'm having a nice cup of tea, Hopeful - it is a but early for martini just now.

    To be fair Sarah, a car in London/ Edinburgh (when he use to live) is more of a hindrance than help so there was little point in learning.

  4. I don't envy you driving through Central London, I refuse to drive there so I think you're especially brave to be willing to do it at all let alone with a dog in the car!

    H doesn't know how to drive either, however I am forcing him to learn this year because I'll be damned if I have to drive myself back home after IF appointments when I'm feeling less than steady. I told him that if he can't think of me he needs to think of the people I might kill ;)

    I'm sorry you had a rough day :/

  5. Phew. Glad you made it home OK! That sounds like a drinkin' day for sure. :)

  6. I wish I'd never learned to drive.

  7. I know what you mean about driving in a big city with a dog in the car. After half an our of that, I'd be crying too...

  8. I can't drive either. I was either too poor or too stuck in Central London, with nowhere, not even ten feet of street-side, to put a car, so I never bothered. Occasionally this annoys H a little, but he likes driving and has watched me steer a bicycle into a passing range-rover, so he's mellow on the whole subject.

    I'm sorry about the tyre and the crying. Hugs. I'd've cried too, and possibly sat down in the middle of the forecourt to do so.

  9. Here in Oz, you could get cabin fever if you didn't have a car, so driving is second nature to most of us ... which is really bad actually. But then a walk to the local shop for groceries would be a 5 hour expedition ... so I use the car.
    My personal most hated car journeys were the 3 hour trips to and from the family farm with crying babies in the back seat. Lots of stops = not fun.

    But - kudos on the crying. Its a horrid situation to be in (I know) but it did get a result for you.

  10. Oh yeah, I've had things like that make me cry too. I you were able to relax some when you got home.

  11. I hate driving too! I rarely drive in any cities just town and very limited long distance.
    I would cry too.

  12. Ach, honey, I'm sorry. My car is an extension of my arms and legs, but I still do the whole weepy thing over a dropped teaspoon if the hormones are in the wrong place at the worng time. A buggered tyre on a hire car would have me chewing the pavement, and yes, bawling too.

  13. Serendipity, I considered forcing the husband to learn but then realised that I'd have to teach him, or at least go with him on practice drives and decided that would be far worse.

    Lea, isn't everyday a drinking day? (I'm making up for you now, can't let the brewers go out of business).

    Me too, Xbox, me too.

    Mick, are you planning on driving the wife and new child hme from the hospital? Cause that has to rate as the most stressful journey ever!

    Nuts, was going to respond to your comment when noticed the genius two apostrophe use in "I'd've" so simply yet so effective. I'm in awe.

    corymbia, I never lived in the outback but grew up several miles from the nearest shop which is why I learned to drive in the first place. Unfortunatly 7 years in London and I'm a tad rusty.

    battynurse, I was thankfully and have a month before I need to drive again.

    Paint it Black, I've clearly touched a nerve here!

    HFF, you don't want to chew the pavement, love.

  14. Bummer. :( I've had those days.

  15. Fun re-work by the way! (obviously i've been a bit awol lately)

  16. Days like that suck.

    You know it wasn't about the driving, right?


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