Thursday, 16 April 2009

Slow News Day

You know it is a slow news day when the papers churn out one of the following:
  • Red wine / chocolate is good / bad / indifferent for you
  • Postcard delivered 114 years after it was first posted!!!! (note the number of exclamation marks, the journos are simply trying to fill some kind of word count)
  • Scientists think they have discovered a new way to encourage Panda's to mate in captivity
If you can't be bothered to click through allow me to highlight two salient facts that will no doubt depress you. (Look, if I have to suffer so do you).

The average child costs more than £18,000 before its first birthday. Of course anyone who is having to fund IVF will know there is a good chance of it costing that before its birth day.

Parents-to-be spend an average of £311 trying to conceive. Wow, I didn't know Bacardi breezers and malfunctioning condoms had got so expensive.

And then it goes on to say what the cost of clothes, toys and equipment costs for the babies. And this, is where I think we have the upper hand.

Having been left standing whilst my friends and relations produce babies I figure I am going to clean-up when it comes to hand me downs.

Just so long as my child, when it decides to turn up, doesn't coincide with their third or fourth.


  1. Oh God, I nick 'em all the time!

  2. "Parents-to-be spend an average of £311 trying to conceive. Wow, I didn't know Bacardi breezers and malfunctioning condoms had got so expensive."

    *snicker snicker*. Maybe they're springing for expensive champagne?

  3. Speaking of you not ovulating...when does your coil come out?

  4. Yes I am hoping for hand me downs too except now it has been so long that some have long sold their gear off. Sigh.

  5. £311 my arse. We have spent roughly €4000 on fertility treatments and I'd say easily €300 on hpt and opks in the past 3 years. It bugs the shit out of me when I hear fertile people whinging about the cost of rearing their kids, when they got to conceive them for free.

    Ok, rant over.

  6. Go to flickr for the images and credit the photographer at the end of your post?

    £311 my backside. Not even the price of a good mattress.

  7. Then, HFF, you will surely burn in hell!

    Champale Murgdan, surely.

    Not until end of July, Mary, I'm getting there. Slowly.

    PiB, well at least that frees up some cash for some kick ass presents!

    Jane, I know, I know.

    Och, you should have said Xbox, there are always mattresses on the street round here, shall I pick on up for you?

  8. There is no negative to wine or chocolate when it comes to infertility.

    I'd like to see the study for the average cost to make (or find) a baby for that unlucky 1 in 6. That would be a real eye opening study. (-;

  9. I hate those "kids cost" blah blah stories.
    they really aren't that expensive when they come out and you can stop visiting the bloody Dr and giving them jars of wee that may or may not contain protein. ....

  10. I like the snails. :)

    311 (I don't have the pounds sign. haha) It makes me snort. They should do a report on how much infertiles spend on NOT having children.


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