Sunday, 12 April 2009

Going, Going ... gone?

I've finally done it.

If you read my Fertility Authority post you'll know I have a broken vacuum cleaner cluttering up my spare room.

Well, hopefully not for much longer.

I've used all today's creative juices writing my eBay post.

So this is all I can muster. A sign in my local newsagents window.

What do you reckon the story behind this one is?


  1. I love that Ebay listing. Love love love. I also own a Dyson... It's a temperamental bitch!

  2. Well, that's good to know. I was thinking about getting a Dyson! I'll have to do a little more research.

    Congrats on taking the first step in decluttering. Good job!

  3. Your ebay post is hilarious!!! Almost makes me want to bid on it.

  4. ..well you know its probably only over-heating and if you pulled off the air exhaust filters it would probably be fine.
    ...channelling my hubby for a second there (who says something like that every time my Wertheim decides to throw a temper tantrum before I've finished the hallway). Mind you, its been to my advantage as I've told him that he's the only person who can coax the little thing into staying on until the house if fully vacuumed.
    (and yes that did make me laugh)

    As for the stalker David ::shudder::

  5. Cheers HFF, do you think Dyson's might be a case of style over substance?

    Lea, that's two of us who haven't found them all that, so yeah check out some review sites before buying (which I should have done).

    Bottoms Off, I'm doing an experiment. If I'm selling something very mundane with lots of similar stuff can humour help sell it? We shall see...

    Corymbia, I read your post and heard blah, blah, blah! But it was enough to make me think it might not be as buggered as I first thought so took the 'buy it now' price off in case a couple of peope realise they are buying something that isn't in that bad nick at all and start a bidding war.

    Kudos on the husband manipulation though.

    I know, creepy, creepy, mail-ordering brides, David. (Well that's my senario).

  6. Great pitch!
    Now I'm not too hot on Angel station but I'm guessing that Dyson would be a swine to get through the ticket barrier. Does it come with an Oyster card?

  7. Hmm, didn't think of that Carolyne, if I threw in an yster card I think the tube journey would cost more than the vacuum.

    Don't be ridiculous Xbox, mates rates, you'll get it for £375 (cash).

  8. Your vacuum description really cracked me up, especially about it not working when people come over. Too funny and I am sure so true too.

    I'm not sure what Victoria and David did, but that is one interesting apology....

  9. Even David's writing is creeping me out, no?


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