Monday, 27 April 2009

Getting predictable

I woke up this morning and it felt like my boobs were ready to explode.

Walking bra-less from the bedroom to the bathroom - a journey of no more than 6 steps - had to be done with one hand clutching each breast to minimise the pain. (Luckily I only have two breasts unlike Diana of Ephesus here)

Showering, or more exactly, shaving my spider-pits was tricky as lifting my arm over my head was torture.

It is also drizzling outside in sharp contrast to the beautiful spring weather we've had for the past week.

Which leads me to draw one of two conclusions:

a) My mammary glands had developed a new skill, much like an old lady's bunions or a gammie leg, and have started to twinge when there is a change in the weather.


b) I am about to get my period after having no action down there since the start of April. My first 'proper' minera-induced period.

There is something comforting about knowing that, even if it is hormone induced fakery, my body is getting into some kind of rhythm again. That or hell is preparing to freeze over.

And for those of you who have nothing better to do than wonder how long I have until the bit of plastic cluttering up my womb is removed I've added a handy countdown to the left. Not quite the baby ticker that adorns so many blogs but the best I can do just now - and I'm presuming you wouldn't want a more graphic visualisation of just what is happening in my uterus.

(Secret D, in answer to your comment on my last post I can't do a countdown to IUI because until they go in and check the coil has done its job satisfactorily and then worked when I can start stimulating those ovaries I don't know when IUI will happen).


  1. Thank goodness your body is starting to behave. It's about time:)

    Thanks for pointing out the ticker. I had it in my head that June was the month. Damn.

  2. This is great news although not the greatest feeling to wake up to... I'm wishing that all goes well and that your period shows. Don't worry about the induced fakery..body knows best, trust me ;)

  3. Good news that things are getting back in a rhythm for you. I can't see your ticker though, am I the only one?

    My word verification was "Congu". Seems like an omen of sorts :)

  4. I like the thought of your mammary glands being in tune with the good old British weather. 91 days until the coil is removed, I also thought that it was coming out in June. It's the Never Ending Coil

  5. End of July, unfortunately Mary. But half way there!

    Leo, I don't have a lot of faith in my body just now - but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Jane, it is a bit subtle, just under the Who Am I link.

    And CONGU yes, the Council of National Golf Unions, um, good?

    Secret D, the problem is if they are in tune I'm going to be in pain for approximately 343 days a year ...

  6. ok 3 more months...yea we can do that....three more months and we will get this show on the road!!!!!

  7. Glad the mirena is doing its job.
    ...and hey - thanks for reminding me - my mirena is due for replacement in around 3 months. Now I can just check your ticker :)

  8. LOL - my word verification was "bratou"

  9. Still not seeing the ticker :(

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Sore boobs suck. That is all. *TTC*Chick*

  12. YAY for possible body stabilizing!!

  13. I favor the thought of the mammary glands in beat together with the good old Uk weather conditions. 91 times prior to the coil is taken away, Furthermore, i believed that it had been being released within Summer.
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