Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Classics Reworked

Need a good book to take on holiday this year?

How about one of these:

And one for our Doctors:
  • Another Cunt (sorry Sarah, I know you don't like the word, but I figure it is time to reclaim it)

Got any other suggestions?

(Nuts in May as the professional bookist amongst us I'm expecting great things from you!)


  1. What about the neo-classics:
    Willy's (gone) Wonka and the (Baby) Factory

  2. Impossible to beat Shakespeare. What about "Nursery Rhymes Reworked"? Although 'Wee Willie Winkie' also needs no tampering.

    That got me thinking:

    Sing a song of IVF,
    a test-tube full of sperm,
    four and twenty ova all waiting for their turn.
    When the tube is broken,
    the sperm begin to swim,
    and lo, there is an embryo for new life to begin.

    Not great, but at least more cheerful than my first version which ended:

    and so begins another round of hope then suffering.

  3. Sorry Sarah (sorta)

    I like it Corymbia.

    Anonymous (KT?), prefer definitely the second version please.

  4. I'm giggling at the lovely bone. I'm soooo mature for my age :)

  5. You're brilliant:) Has anyone told you that yet today?

  6. Uh, just grow up Jane. Honestly!

    Do you know what Mary, you're the first this week month, year. OK not since 1992. Dammit.

  7. I feel very ashamed that I still haven't thought of anything cute to add.

    I'm still working on it though.


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