Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Bit Tenuous

I'm not superstitious.

Take Rabbits feet - I figure that if a rabbit has lost its feet then it is hardly lucky. So I don't hold any stock with that old wives tales.

And I don't walk under ladders if I think that a builder is going to drop paint on my head or look down my cleavage - not because I think that it is bad luck.

My lucky underwear simply consists of things that don't have to be turned inside out to be clean.

But I have found, certainly before I had to have the coil inserted and sex might had produced an offspring, I was touching wood much more frequently than previously. (Make of that what you will.)

The other thing that I cannot help but react to is magpies. Do you know that rhyme?

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for boy

To counteract this 'curse' of the one magpie you have to salute the magpie. So I find myself, just casual like, brushing my hair out of my eyes. And coughing out "Morning Mr Magpie". Then I see two and I'm convinced that good things'll follow.

What is it that convinced me? When my sister was pregnant she called me after her 20 week scan:
"Guess the sex?"
I looked up there were 4 magpies perched on a tree, normally two is the maximum.
"A boy"
"How did you know?!"
"The magpies told me. Now I have believe them on everything."

So it is a bit tenuous but, talking of counting rhymes, nip over to Fertility Authority and check out my top ten of infertility.

TEN-uous, geddit?

Oh, never mind, I'm wasted on you lot. Wasted I tell you.


  1. TTC totally made me superstitious. I've purchased anything I could find that could be a good luck charm. Goofy but couldn't hurt and might help. You never know.

  2. When does that darn coil get removed anyway?

  3. I hoarded good luck charms like they were going out of style during my last IVF. Lucky they were not, but the comfort they gave me knowing others were pulling for us was priceless.

    "touching wood much more frequently..." LOL.

  4. Bloody Magpies!

    In some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland they used to say:

    One's sorrow, two's mirth,
    Three's a wedding, four's a birth,
    Five's a christening, six a death,
    Seven's heaven, eight is hell,
    And nine's the devil his ane sel'.

    I suppose you could argue that mirth and joy are similar, but as the great Nanny Ogg points out, "I was joyful when our Jason was born, but I wasn't bloody laughing at the time."

    Over here in Poland they also touch wood, but it has to be bloody unpainted wood. Also, when you see a chimney sweep (and there are still a lot of them) you have to touch your button but only AFTER you've seen a man wearing glasses... WTF??

    Incidentally, in Poland black cats are BAD luck!

    Rabbits' tails seem mild in comparison!

    BTW It WAS totally wasted on me... :-)

  5. You are definitely wasted on us! You really are too good. I don' know how you find the time or energy to produce such witty, clever posts. I bearly have enough energy to type my bad mood out!

    Anyway, enough of that rubbish. Not touching wood as frequently now that you have the coil, your husband will start to think that you are only after him for his sperm!

  6. I usually duck when I see a magpie although we do have a friendly family of them living in a gum tree in the next paddock (well OK its a reserve across the road, but you expect me to say things like "paddock" right??)
    *Some* superstitions work I tell ya, but they've got to come to you like a couple of magpies and not like a severed foot of a long-eared guinea pig....
    Even in my darkest days of TTC #1 I could *see* my kids and I would dream about them (and the dreams were Very Clear and surprisingly accurate ... I think the main difference is I dreamt my daughter had curly hair like me and its dead straight instead).

    (and touching wood .. heh)

  7. Womb For Improvement24 April 2009 at 18:57

    Battynurse, despite everything I said I have no doubt that come the IUI I'll be gathering four leaf clovers like there is no tomorrow.

    End of July Mary, 3 months and counting. Actually maybe I'll put a counter up.

    Lost in Space, I'll definitely be whoring myself out for the good wishes of all and sundry when my time comes!

    Mick, I feel like I have just had a profound insight into your life...

    Shut up Secret D! And ahem, I can't imagine waht you mean about only wanting the husband for one thing.

    Corymbia, I totally expect paddock, chooks, gum trees (get in, is there a cukuborrogh too - how the hell do you spell that name) from you.

  8. The Kookaburra:
    is a much loved Australian bird. They kill snakes for one thing.....
    and apparently they like Violet Crumbles:

  9. Touching wood - ha ha!

    I thought I was the only eejit who goes around saying "Good morning Mr Magpie". Do you notice this time of the year you tend to see far more single magpies than pairs? It always makes me feel paranoid (superstitious, moi?) but I think the Mammy Magpies are hatching their eggs around this time and the Daddy Magpies are off down the pub on their own, drinking the child benefit.

  10. I think you should put a counter up for your count down to IUI. I'm that bored that I am thinking of putting a counter up to my next hospital appointment. Anything to pass the time....


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