Saturday, 14 March 2009

That last post

Just to be clear. I wasn't showing off and trying to make you all jealous with my last post. Rather I wanted to lay it all out, more to reassure myself that really I had plenty to look forward to.

This post is however a boast post. I've got nothing to say but I had to post something to haul you all over to check out my new template. Which hopefully means that if I do ever get pulverised on Ask And Ye Shall Receive hopefully they won't tear into me too much for having a standard template...

I know it still looks a little odd I don't know what happened to the colour on the Fertility Authority logo, and the links to the left look a bit pixilated so I'll have to redo them.


But look up, next to the url, yup I've got my own favicon which I've wanted ever since I saw Amanda's. It truly is the little things that makes me happy.


  1. Can't see favicon! :-(

    The 'I Will Fucking Tear You Apart' ladies sound rather scary!

  2. I fucking LOVE it!!! So creative and cute.

  3. Love it! Love it! ...and I fucking LOVE 'Ask and You Shall Receive'...but I'm not computer literate enough to have a super simple template...and I can't handle an ass-reaming just yet.

    Can't wait for your review!

  4. Oooh, how did you get the favicon up there?

    I made one but got lost along the way.

    I like the look, not overcooked and identifiable, nice job.

  5. Lovely! Did you draw the header and buttons?

  6. I like it! Very original! Wish I knew how to make my page a little more fun but I'm a total loser with internet gadgets and tools :-P glad you can make it more interesting.

  7. What Leo said...

    Looks fantastic. Makes me wish I actually knew how to do it...

  8. Hmm, HFF, the favicon works on safari and firefox dunno about other things like IE though.

    Megan, that is just what I wanted to hear!

    Yeah Murgdan, Ask and Ye, is brilliant. But I submitted my blog months ago so I suspect it has been lost.

    Thanks for the review, Xbox, appreciate it!

    I drew them all Lea, you can't buy stuff like this (who would sell it!)

    PiB, a favicon is the little icon o=in the url bar, but HFF can't see it so it might not show up in all browsers.

    Ta Leo, the longer you keep blogging the more you'll start to teach yourself cause you get frustrated because it isn't quite right.

    Cheers Mick, you'll learn.

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  10. It looks great, Liz! Love the new digs. Good job:)

  11. Ooh, now, very cool. Very GREEN.

  12. Hiya - I had no idea I had a Favicon ... but now that I look closely I do have one ... WOW it is awesome. How did I do that? (OK rhetorical question and I know I sound drunk but my arse has been in this chair for the past month doing this &^%* education diploma with breaks only to attend funerals and ... ermmm ....breaks (broken arm variety)
    Ummm where was I....
    Oh yeah - I lurve the new digs. Which is good because I could possibly hate all the green given that I've just finished my Multiliteracies assignment to design a conceptual model to teach 12 year olds what it means to be green.....


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