Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Its been just over a month (look at me trying to be all casual about it, ok, it has been 37 days exactly) so now I feel I've given it a chance and I can give and honest, unbiased, review on how I'm finding the coil.

We aren't getting on all that well. I assume it is doing the job that it was thrust up there for because there has been a pretty constant drip, drip, drip since about day 3 of it going in. It ebbs and flows, sometimes light, sometimes not. Bearing in mind that my acupuncturist always wants to know what colour 'my bleed' is I am considering investing in a pantone card 'cause someday we are talking an unattractive brown, others a bright, pert red. Which is nice.

But that I can cope with - each drop discharged from my womb is a sign that the lining from hell is being shed.

What I am not so much of a fan of is the other symptoms I am experiencing:

PMT - that'll be permanent menstrual tension. I have snapped more at the husband in the last few weeks than the combined total of our relationship combined. Even as I am doing it I know I sound ridiculous but I can't help but be really grumpy. I was watching a film and he just changed channels without asking, and yes I might have been on the lap-top at the same time but I can multi-task. And, admittedly, I had just been ranting about how shite and predictable it was - but that didn't mean I didn't want to see the end (turns out the geeky guy did end up with the ex-porn star babe, who knew).

Cramping - a mild, but pretty much continuous crampage going on. Not enough even to warrant pain killers but just painy - and constant.

Nausea - I'll tell you what, I am going to suffer terribly from morning sickness if this is what the tiny amount of progesterone delivered through the coil is doing to me. But morning sickness well, I figure that I'll cope because the outcome will be worth it. Gagging whilst cleaning my teeth in the morning is just getting tiresome now. When I feel like puking I want it to be a result of having a parasitic little embryo in my womb, not because I have a bit of plastic leaking progesterone.

Chubbing-up – is it psychosomatic, or has it genuinely increased my appetite? To be honest the 'cause doesn’t really matter the effect is pissing me off. For the first time in about 10 years I think I might have to go on a diet ... tomorrow, or the next day, maybe after the weekend.


  1. uugghh...I feel for you. That sounds awful. How much longer do you have to go?

  2. Ugh. No fun. I think the non-stop cramping and nausea would be the worst. Hope your body adjusts so that doesn't last the whole time!

  3. Sounds bad. Is is something your body will adjust to or is it going to be like this the whole time?

  4. Bugger the diet. This is no time to yearn for unrequited chocolate.

    Did the doctor say you'd bleed all the damn time? I worry about you becoming anaemic. Chocolate has iron in it, doesn't it? See? Bugger the diet.

  5. Ish. So sorry, Liz. That really sucks. Your DH can't be a happy camper either, lol. How much longer do you have? On a positive note...all that crap is being expelled from your body. That's great. Sorry you have to go through this though. Is it over soon? I think I remember you saying it was in there for quite a while. Do the side effects decrease as the meds get released and it 'wear's down'?

  6. Sounds like a blast love! Woo hoo!

    I say screw the diet too. Who needs that added annoyance?

    Hope things ease up for you soon

  7. Liz, trust me on PMT:I react exactly like you either being on or off hormones.Husbands just don't get our multi-tasking...The shedding sucks though; have the same question: for how long did the doctor say? Dieting? A little splurging on food never hurt anyone...

  8. Megan, It is up there until 27 of July (six months in total).

    Lea, it better start adjusting soon or I'll ... um ... damn I've no come back.

    Leslie, hopefully it will adjust it is a really popular type of birth control precisely because of the few side effects.

    Nuts, irrefutable logic - I'm sold. (The doctor did say I might bleed for the entire 6 months - nice)

    Mary, luckily the husband is very laid back and mainly ignores my rants - which of course only serves to antagonise me!

    Oh we're having a ball Sarah, like the new pic.

    Leo, so its official then? Diet is off (before it even started).

  9. Argh sweetie. The grumps from this shit truly suck. I wish I could say something uplifting like it will get better or something. I guess I can just say, hang on by your fingernails! It's what I have to do when I'm under the druggy influence.

    As for the progesterone, I am always INSANELY hungry when on any sort of progesterone at all. I've been known to threaten peoples' hands if there is no food during one of these "needs." They say it increases your metabolism. So maybe you aren't just imagining it.

  10. Similar symptoms here (at least that's what I like to blame the chubbing up on).
    For me it still beats un-medicated PMT and the actual AF is great with no pain and little bleeding (over time it would normally lesson to 2/10s of FA).
    The nausea thing is not something I get with the mirena though .. and I did get morning sickness when pg.


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