Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A New Lexicon: (continued ... kinda)

Initially I wrote my lexicon in two posts, but for ease I have amalgamated then here. But I didn't want to lose the comments so this is a bit of a non post, just read the comments.


  1. these. I especially love the very last. Zero Tolerance. Yep. I've got that for sure.

  2. You are so clever. I love it.

  3. I've been checking on every day to see these, you really crack me up :)I think I'm going to have to start using so many of them!

  4. Your post for "nomad" was my favorite one! I seriously had a good chuckle over that one!


  5. Murgdan, I think we've all got zero tolerance.

    Megan, that or I have way too much time on my hands...

    Talking of which Serendipity ... ;)

    iambrowneyedgirl, cool glad it wasn't wasted.

    Xbox, you been out in the sun?

  6. These were great! I am going back to read through A-M right now. You are hilarious!


  7. You are f-ing HILARIOUS. I died reading these lists! Thanks so much for sharing. . .I needed a smile today.


  8. Errr. sorry creative juices spent.

    Maybe "Breasticles" - The tickley feeling you get in your breasts when you think "this is it!" just to discover that "it" was just AF.

    ... but of course , my favourite one is "wombat"

  9. omg. So freaking funny!!! My absolute favorite is "temp"tation. I am so so so guilty of it. Hrm, I had 38 charts to obsess over?

  10. Fell about laughing at 'unisex'.

  11. I totally get the 'veritable' - I just explained it to Mr C and he nodded wisely 'I see..'.

    So how about these:

    Inability of a male partner to rise to the occasion, at a vital moment e.g. when all the signs are that this is a perfect moment for sex resulting in a pregnancy.
    Context: “Last night everything was going really well, I’d done the foreplay and everything then the husband decided he was too important to actually do the deed.”

    Inability of a male to rise to the occasion when he is required to produce a sperm sample in a clinical environment.
    Context: “He was in there but apparently the chatter of the nurses in the next room and the low-grade pornography on offer made him all self-important and he wouldn’t produce anything”.

    G x

  12. Love them! My fave was: Overbite
    The sharp pain that a few (about 1 in 5) women feel when their ovaries pop out an egg.
    Context: “Oh, sorry I can’t come out tonight after all, I’ve just had an overbite so I’ve got to go home and lie down for 15 minutes … with the husband.” I did that, well except I replace "laying down" with kicking the crap out of". Does that still count?

  13. Thanks Stacie, I aim to please!

    Cheers Jo, glad it helped - although 'died' oh dear!

    corymbia, Breasticals is just on the cusp of being a real word - but fuck it, it is Friday, its in. I did think of you when I wrote wombat.

    Parenthood For Me, (and me too?) Ta.

    Cheers Nancy, temptation was a new one I suddenly thought of yesterday - glad it was worth it.

    Hello May only it isn't so funny when it happens to ones friends ...

    Gi Gi these are perfect. They are in - thanks for doing this when I know how busy you are -appreciate it.

    Beautiful Mess, He's your husband if kicking the crap works for you it works for me. (Not that I am one to endorse domestic violence of course).


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