Thursday, 12 March 2009

Looking forward

With the coil preventing any possible impregnation until its removal at the end of July (I’m currently on a 21 week wait) I have tried to plan lots of exciting things to help the time pass quickly.

Luckily I am fortunate enough to have the double benefit of a generous leave allowance and proximity to Europe.

So this is how I plan to fill my time:

March – 1 week holiday (next week) in London (Ok so I'm staying at home but it is still time off). I have a list of: five exhibitions to go to, two restaurants booked, tickets to a west end show, a couple of mates staying for a few days, staying over at some mates out of town for a night, a competitive cooking event planed – as well as countless dog walks and several lie ins and .... laser eye surgery. (What the fuck am I doing? Shiiiiittttt)

April – weekend jaunt with two other couples to Istanbul (not Constantinople), 4 days – two continents, a back-breaking Turkish massage and over indulgence in mint tea is all expected.

May – It has been a year in the planning but very soon will be the long-awaited birthday celebrations as my step mother achieves a landmark birthday. A whole weekend worth en famille in Spain. When it was first mooted I fully expected to be either pregnant, or a mother for this event, as I am neither I intend to be drunk for the duration.

June – hmmm, June is looking rather sparse – other than a doctors appointment at the start of the month to discuss protocols for getting me in the family way as quickly as humanly possible, once the coil is sprung.

July – Mainland continental Europe for a week. We’re going all 1992, inter-railing. Taking advantage of having friends we can stay with in Belgium and Germany and ending up in Berlin.


  1. That sounds fun! Except the eye surgery. Eeek. I'm sure it will go great though! Enjoy the travel and booze. Hopefully after July you'll be cut-off for a good long 9 months. :)

  2. Take me with you, please?

    I have no money...but I'm good company and I'll carry your bags!!

  3. You know, that actually sounds good.

    Istanbul is great.

    (whats with the word verification!)

  4. I am so freaking jealous. You guys get way too much vacation. I benefited from this once when I worked for a UK company, but now I work for a US based company so I get about 45 minutes of vacation a year.

    It sounds like you have planned some awesome distractions. I hope these next months go quickly. I'll be waiting with you until at least May.

  5. Wow! That all sounds AWESOME! Please overindulge a little extra in the mint tea for me. ;)

  6. swap lives?except the eye bit ick...ooops that was unhelpful.seriously envious of other bits except the coil...ok quittng now

  7. Sounds like a great plan. I love the idea of inter railing. Never did it when I should have!

  8. You've decided to go for the eye surgery.You certainly have quite a full calendar for the next few months. I hope the time flies by.

  9. Sounds exciting! Hopefully all these mini-breaks will make the time pass quickly for you.

  10. If not pregnant or a mother... drunk is the way to go. Have fun in your travels!

  11. wow lots of plans i hope it helps the time fly by

  12. Exactly Lea, hoping for a solid 9 months off booze, later in the year.

    Sarah, there is something quite appealing about having a dedicated bag carrier.

    Xbox, I don't know, what is with the word verification?

    Megan, that is why I won't ever move to America - very stingy holiday allowance.

    Barb, the mint tea is all in your honour!

    PiB, you have a hot tub right? Life swap is tempting...

    Jane, yeah I'm coming to interrailing late too, we'll see if the reality lives up to the idea.

    Secret D, that's the idea really hoping time flies.

    Cheers Ms Heathen, should be good.

    Hey Chelsea, A lot of drunking to be done

    Cheers BFN

  13. Sounds like you those weeks will fly by.
    I want details on the laser surgery too. Really specific details please!

    (PS - I like the new look)


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