Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I Can Run ...

... But, it appears, I can't hide.

Despite defacing myself I am still besieged by tales of girls I once knew popping out progeny with gay abandon (or should that be heterosexual abandon?).

Today I received the "Old Girls' Association" newsletter. I told you I went to a posh school.

This was a school where academic achievement was thrust upon us and we were constantly told of the brave new world where, despite our double X chromosomes, we could become anything we wanted. Think, 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' but with a more English accent, less well defined chins and lashings of lacrosse. We were to become tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, scientists and "ooops I've just squandered a gazillion pounds of someone else's money" bankers. And to be fair some of them have achieved such dizzying heights.

But not so as you'd know it from the 'News' section.

It is stacked full with birth announcements. To be honest reading about girls I went to school with who'd had kids didn't bother me that much, I didn't get jealous, or upset. It just made me wonder what the fuck I'd been doing for the last 15 years.

Take this news about two girls who were younger than me at school:

XXXX is a GP, enjoying being a mum to her two girls and planning to return to work in 2009. She keeps in touch with XXXX who had her 3rd baby in March 2008.

Shit. I've been with my husband for, give or take, fourteen years and we've barely managed three pot plants and a lazy dog that we had to adopt because we couldn't have managed a puppy.

My particular favourite notification was that a girl a couple of years older than me had been awarded an MBE at Buckingham Palace (I know, it is incredible). But this was only mentioned after sharing the news that she got married last year.

Because at the end of the day, girls, you clearly haven't achieved until you have found yourself a husband and squeezed out the next heir apparent.


  1. Well said. Really, not much has changed. You're not really worthy until you've squeezed out a puppy of your very own genetics.

    UGH! Reminds me of the way I feel about Facebook. I know I shouldn't look, but it's like a trainwreck...

  2. Not much has changed. Sad, but true.

  3. You've not had an MBE yourself?


  4. This is why I never read anything associated with former schools or colleges...

  5. Kind of funny when you think about it. Or not. A school pushing girls to be whatever they want and a news letter that focuses first on whose married with children. So it's all still the same.

  6. I know that my life was shit until my husband saved me. Yeah right.

  7. We have two plants that I just managed to bring back from the brink. Maybe we shouldn't even be trusted with a baby, lol.

  8. Cheers, Leslie - step away from facebook. Trust me it is better that way.

    Not a lot in my life anyway, Lea

    Xbox, I'm saving all my tokens so I can go straight in at Dame level.

    Hey Dr Spouse, but when a newsletter is delivered to your door, surely you couldn't help a wee peak.

    Funny - or sad? You decide, Batty Nurse

    Thank god you managed to bag yourself a husband Megan, otherwise I dread to think what would have happened ...

    My theory Mary, is babies are a bit more vocal and less easy to forget about than plants.

  9. But you have a BLOG!

    That is way better than that MBE thingy, right?

  10. Bwhahaha ... you said it: you can run but you can't hide.
    Ms Greer would not be happy!


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