Friday, 20 March 2009

The eyes had it

I write this post Barbara Cartland-style.

I lie in bed, dark glasses protecting my peepers, whilst the gimp handsome, clever, wonderful, long-suffering husband, faithfully records my every word. I shall leave it to your imagination as to whether or not I am clad in pink chiffon.

This morning I had laser treatment to fix my myopic eyes. Currently some five hours after the event, I can barely open them and whilst I'm sure it will all be fine tomorrow, I still feel a bit scared. The husband is enjoying forcing eye-drops on me at regular intervals and is being quite, quite awesome. (I don't know what he's writing, but it definitely sounds like he's typing more than I'm saying.) I'll give you the gory details once I know what the result is.

All I'll say now is that pain-wise it wasn't as bad as either the HSG or having the coil fitted, but because it was my eyes it was a lot more traumatic. Now, what do you think it takes to get a cup of tea round here?


  1. Good job! I'm proud of you for doing it. I know it's scary. I bet you'll be relieved tomorrow. :) Glad your DH is taking good care of you.

  2. Well done!I hope you feel better soon. Pretty sure DH is writing your thoughts exactly :)Getting your womb ready is the big next step!

  3. That's great, Liz. I'm so excited that you had that done. Your DH sounds like a dear:)

    I hope tomorrow brings a good improvement!

  4. Really glad to hear everything went according to plan (very brave of you to get your DH to write on your blog that is read by loads of people all round the world....I hope you post what you really dictated to him in your next post - the pink chiffon bit was his own, wasn't it (not literally 'his own'). By tomorrow, certainly Sunday, you should be seeing clearly and without the watering/eye-lash in the eye feeling of the first few hours. Well done for taking the plunge, rest well tonight, hon! love Wig xxxx

  5. Ohhh! Feel better tomorrow, Eyes!

  6. Fantastic! All the best...

    You're a brave one....

  7. My granny had drops put in her eyes once and it went a bit arse over tit so she had a full 24 hours in bed without sight.

    She went to the doctor afterwards and he asked her had she seen 'coronation street' the night before.

    She turned the air blue.

  8. This is so exciting!
    Keep me posted on the details.

    (I'm still too scared to have this procedure which is odd given the fact that I've had to endure things far more painful)

  9. I think you're wonderfully brave for having had this done!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery - glad to hear that hubby is taking such good care of you!


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