Monday, 2 February 2009

Q & A

Like the BBC my blog's mission statement is:

Except I replace 'programmes and services' with 'posts'.

And 'enrich' with 'steal a few minutes, that they can never get back, of'.

And 'educate' with 'witter on about things that I have but a passing knowledge of but sometimes go so far as to check with Wikipedia or Doctor Google'.

This post belongs in the 'inform' category. (By which I mean the sharing of information, not that I am going to capture all your personal data and tell your bosses if I find you accessing this site during working hours).

Last week, during my various appointments, I had a lot of questions regarding their diagnosis and treatment plan. In the hope that some of you may have stumbled across this blog whilst trying to find out a bit more about endometrial hyperplasia with atypia (and judging by the stats some clearly have) here is what I discovered:

Q: Why am I having a coil?
A: The progesterone coil (Mirena) is a more direct way of releasing provera into the womb. This thins the womb lining.

Q: As the Provera didn't work what are the chances of this doing fuck all as well?
A: There is a chance it won't work but as it is so localised it is more likely to help than the Provera which isn't as targeted.

Q: Will I have check ups during the six months to ensure it is doing what it should do, rather than having to wait half a year only to discover it hasn't worked.
A: No, but unlike the provera, the womb lining should start to shed whilst the coil is in so I should get a bleed pretty soon, certainly before the six months are up.

Q: What are the likely side effects of the progesterone coil?
A: Because it is more localised than the provera I am less likely to feel the nausea but (in the doctors words) I am 'will probably feel a bit grumpy, like PMT throughout the treatment'. (The husband did a little silent groan at this news, six months of PMT: wow).

Q: Are there any alternatives?
A: Not at this stage. If I didn't have treatment I have a 30% chance of developing cancer within 5 years, assuming the treatment works I have a less than 0.5% chance.

Q: Is there a way of removing the womb lining manually?
A: This is a DD & C or to use the more graphic old-fashioned term a 'scrape'. But this wouldn't address the underlying problem.

Q: Is this endometrium the reason that I couldn't get pregnant before?
A: Possibly, it may have stopped any fertilised eggs implanting, but this is coupled with (and likely to be related to) the fact that I have polycystic ovaries so rarely ovulate anyway.

Q: Is the diseased womb lining likely to grow back?
A: It is likely, so I will be given priority treatment as soon as the coil is out to get Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) before it has a chance.

Q: When will my IUI start?
A: I have an appointment scheduled for the 16 of June to book in the IUI and ensure we are ready to 'hit the ground running' as soon as the coil is whipped out.

Q: When is the coil coming out?
A: 27 of July. Appointment booked for 9.00am.

Q: Anything else I should be aware of whilst taking the coil?
A: I might start to bleed almost immediately, and there is a chance that I will continue to do so for the WHOLE of the six months, this is nothing to worry about and I can carry on as normal, use tampons, have sex without any additional contraception etc. (The husband wasn't to sure about the compatibility of copious, continuous bleeding and copulation).

Q: How are you? (That wasn't a question I posed to my Doctors, nor one that they thought to ask me, instead it is a question that I am asking to myself on your behalf - whether you want to know or not).
A: Well thank you very much for asking. Today is bloody brilliant because it has snowed in the UK and, as we are unable to cope with any weather condition above or beyond a light drizzle, I was sent home at lunch time. This rocks. I would normally be out frolicking in the white stuff and making snowmen except I have an essay to for a course I'm taking along side my job, so naturally I am blogging. Hey! It involves sitting at the computer so that is practically like work, right?

In addition, I have a period. Woot! The gunk is coming out thick and fast, yes, take a moment to really picture that charming image. Of course it means that I have pretty constant cramping but I can deal with that knowing what I am expelling. So all good.


  1. Um? Yay for bleeding! I think.....right? Thats good.

  2. Wow. Sounds like a very involved thing. Hope this works and yay for AF for now and lets hope she doesn't necessarily stay for six months straight.

  3. Things are looking up - a period now and the prospect of 6 months of bleeding!

    It's good to hear that you are going to get treatment as soon as the coil is removed.

    It's also good to hear that you are OK. I am jealous that you have the afternoon off. We haven't had that much snow here so it's business as usual. Good luck with the essay.

    My next hospital appointment is also on 2 June, let's hope we both get some good news that day.

  4. Whoo hoo for bleeding! Whoo hoo for a snow day! You go girl:)

  5. Hurray for bleeding!!! Finally.

    Loved your Q&A. :)

  6. Right you are Sarah, it is good. Very good, but ...

    As Batty Nurse says, hopefully not for the next six months.

    Odd that we both have appointments on the 2nd, Secret D, hope yours goes well, mine is just a planning one but hopefully yours will actually get a plan.

    Woo hoo. I want another snow day tomorrow Mary, fingers crossed.

    Cheers Lea, finally, finally.

  7. Great info - sounds like a brilliant treatment option. I hope you're feeling somewhat good about it - I know it's a got to be frustrating, but maybe it sounds like it will bring some consistency to your life in terms of AF.

  8. Congratulations on the heavy bleeding, stomach pain, and the insertion of inanimate objects into your reproductive system.

    There's a hallmark moment right there.

  9. Heavy bleeding and cramps - yahooo!
    The Mirena should indeed thin the lining - a lot.
    ...meanwhile, you get a day off for snow and people were taking days off in Melbourne last week because the temp was about 44 degrees C (111 F)for a week (one friend measured 55 degrees C - 131F on her patio).

  10. Good to hear you are surfing the crimson tide at last! I know six months of bleeding doesn't sound like the most inviting of prospects, but if it has the desired effect it will be so worth it all in the end. It sounds like they have a very clear plan of action mapped out for you, which is great. I'm glad to hear you're in better form too.

  11. YAY FOR PERIOD AND UNDER .5% CHANCE OF CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had heard about the snow. Crazy stuff for you Brits!

    Both I and my hubby are not too into the copulation with copious amts of blood either.

  12. Glad you are in good spirits and the gunk has started to flow!

    You've answered nearly all the questions I had very succinctly as usual but I just wondered if most people ovulate soon after the coil is removed or do you think they'll give you drugs to make sure you can go ahead with the IUI soon after the coil is removed?

    I guess the pregnancy hormones would keep the hyperplasia at bay if (fingers crossed) you get a positive result!

    Hopefully you wont have too many side effects while on the mirena coil as the amount of progesterone is quite low as you say because it only needs to have a localised effect as it is right next to the area it's treating (ie mirena only has a 7th of the progesterone actually getting into your bloodstream commpared with the Progesterone-only-pill).

    Hey, I can waffle too!

  13. Consistent Af would be good, Leslie, Although not happening for nine months because of a pregnancy would be better!

    Xbox, a card with a poem I think. I was hoping for a poem.

    Amanda, the heat sounds pretty good at the moment - though maybe not that much heat.

    Paint it Black, as I said above I want warmth it is freezing here.

    Jane, it seems to have calmed down so hopefully it won't be here for the full six months.

    Barb, YAY! It is reidiculous just how much attention a bit of weather is getting.

    Wigsterooney, yesthey will give me drugs as soon as to ensure I ovulate. Good to have a tame nurse on board. And waffle more - I want to see you writing a blog.


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