Saturday, 28 February 2009

Are you squemish?

I came across this site the other day and it is in turn fascinating and maybe a little too graphic for the faint of heart.

My Beautiful Cervix

It is a project done by a trainee midwife who has taken a photo of her cervix on a daily basis through a whole cycle. Yup, check out day 19 if you've heard tell of egg white mucus as a sign of ovulation but wonder exactly what it looks like.

It illustrates really well the stages we all know about in our cycle but can't necessarily visualise - well now you can.

Warning! Don't check this out whilst you are eating.


  1. Oh.My. I'm speechless. And my mouth is drawn up into a tight little O. Kind of os-like. But, hey, it IS educational!

  2. I saw this last week!

    For some reason the wife wasn't overly impressed but I thought it was great.

    I've printed out a few of the photos to wave in front of mini me when the time is right, go get 'em boy.

    Joking aside, it is very good visually.

    ...and I'm eating maltesers.

  3. I ran across this several months ago when I was trying to determine if my cervix was open or closed or soft or hard in a ttc panic.

    If is very interesting.

  4. OMFG!
    Just... OMFG!!!
    I am exceedingly glad I finished my lunch before clicking through.

    And I have TWO of those openings, sat next to each other. Is it bad to be this revolted by anatomy?!

  5. Three words.

    Totally grossed out.

  6. I don't know if I feel more educated or complete tortured by that. Still considering...

  7. You speechless Murgdan? I never thought I'd see the day.

    Xbox, Through popbitch too? The pictures should be good for any visulisation therapy you are doing with Spencer.

    So did it help Megan?

    HFF, ahh now I understand the two colour period issue.

    Jane, three words.
    I have succeeded

    Leslie, do you reckon you'll have nightmares?

  8. very interesting. ...and I don't really want to think about *how* she took those photos.

  9. I was totally grossed out too...and the part after intercourse...speechless really

  10. Is it just me, or does the cervix look like the tip of a penis? Maybe just me. Very interesting though, although the bragging about the vigorous sexual activity we could have done without.

  11. No, I have to admit I found it through a less savoury source.

    I think they are great shots, seriously. In it's 'prettier' moments it's a lot less beastly in there than I imagined.

  12. Gosh. And I thought I was well 'ard and doing totally TMI just TALKING about my cervical mucous.

  13. Very interesting. My body doesn't work quite as well as all that.

  14. Amanda, Apparently her boyfriend took them, romantic eh?

    I know what you mean Leo & The Tall Red Head, that vigorous sex but was a bit too much info.

    nutsinmay, however hard you push it the internet will always go one step further.

    Mine doesn't work so well either, Barb, but its good to see a text book version.

  15. that was odd to look at but it's amazing how many changes it makes simply from day to day!

    Thanks for sharing...

    hope you don't mind if I follow your blog!


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