Thursday, 8 January 2009

A song and dance

I'm use to not having periods.

I spent the first 13 years of my life not having periods.

Even once they started they were sporadic, but I went on the pill relatively early to manage a bad complexion (which prevented me from getting any of the other action that the pill necessitate).

When I stopped the pill, about eight years ago* the erratic periods recommenced. I think the longest I have gone without one is 6 months. More recently, since I have been trying to get pregnant I’ve had a couple of 90ish day stretches.

I'm currently on day 81, so not so bad you'd think.

Those of you new to this blog might even think this was a good sign. 'The girl wants to get pregnant, she hasn't had a period for almost three months. Take a test!'

No, I’ve just stopped Provera after a solid 3 months of pill popping and am waiting on a period so I can get a scan, to see whether it has thinned my womb lining.

And God it is frustrating! At least when it was just my body refusing to give blood I could alternate between ovulation test and pregnancy tests hoping to have some kind of positive reaction from one of the stick I was weeing on.

However, now I am in limbo.

The past few days have seen me constantly googling 'How long does it take to get you period after finishing provera?' and the answer seems to be between 4 to 14 days. I'm on day 8.
I know I should be more patient but, dammit, there is a whole domino effect of treatment waiting on this period.

(To the tune of There was an old Lady who swallowed a fly - penultimate verse).

I am a young lady who swallowed provera
to get a period, d'ya hear yeah?
I swallowed provera

I need my period to get a scan
I need a scan to check my womb's clear
It needs to be clear to take some drugs
I need the drugs to help me ovulate
I need to ovulate to have IUI

I don't know wwwhhhhyyyy,
I cannot conceive
Perhaps I'll bleed.

Catchy huh? I've been singing all day.

* I stopped taking the pill because I was concerned about having been on it for so long - we have 'only' been trying to conceive for just over 2 years.


  1. Gaw, that is frustrating. I can't believe you haven't started yet. Your body is as stubborn as mine, I think. Have you been diagnosed with PCOS? I can't remember. Well, hoping it shows up soon.

  2. So frustrating. I hope it shows up soon.

  3. I'm here waiting with you sister. Waiting sucks.

  4. Last time I came off provera (I was only on it for five days, mind you) I spotted from day 5 and didn't start Really Bleeding until day 7 or 8. I should imagine it's taking much longer for all those weeks-worth to get out of your blood-stream and let the lining go.

    It's such a strain, isn't it, waiting for our bodies to just get on and DO something.

  5. Don't you just want to scream at your body sometimes. "Get Going!"

  6. I'm so over waiting on my period.

    The last time I was waiting on my period (so that we could start IUI), I found out I was pregnant. But then M/C which means a 3 month wait (which is almost over) to let my body "get back to normal" before starting IUI.

    I'm wondering if it's EVER going to happen.

    I feel your pain, I really do.

  7. Damn Flo and her trickery. She is either there when you dont want her, or no where to be found when you need her. Bitch.

    My word verification is "swelly" hahaha! Dunno why, but thats funny!

  8. My longest was 6 mos as well.. ended by provera.. and that one took I think 10 days after stopping provera to start. (that was only the short term provera). Maybe yours will take longer since you had SOOOOOOOOOo long to build up that progesterone in your system. I hope it's soon and not too awful!

    Oh.. and mine usually range 90 days as well. Only when I ovulate do they not. The doctor told me that that's because apparently that's when my womb gets so full that it finally just spills over... after 90 days. Loveliness. Don't you just love being effed up?

  9. Damn - I was hoping that your lack of posts in the past few days was because you were tucked up with a good book, some chocolate, and a hot water bottle whilst Aunty was visiting.
    Hope you don't have to wait too much longer.

  10. Is there no end to your many talents?!

    I can't believe the bloody thing hasn't arrived yet. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer.

  11. Hi Lea, Yeah I got diagnosed with PCOS ages ago, before all this started. Then my first few tests at the start of last year indicated I didn't have it, now suddenly my notes refer to me as having it again...

    Thank Batty, so do I

    Yup, Megan, got everything on stand by and getting bored now.

    That's a good call Nuts, must prepare self for wait.

    Mary, I don't just want to, I actually do.

    S, Thanks, but compared to what you have been through my pain hasn't started.

    Sarah, She is indeed a tricksey, wee bugger. I'd like to swelly her one.
    Barb I least I am not alone. I always assumed that when it did actually arrive (naturally) it meant I had ovulated but missed it, didn't realise it could just be overflow.

    No such luck Amanda,

    Do I detect a touch of sarcasm dear Secret D? I have to amuse myself somehow.

  12. Now I'm going to have that tune in my head for the rest of the day.

    My word verificiation is tileto,a fitting anagram of what long term ttc is.

  13. i've got period balloons ready when it happens...


  14. gah! I am frustrated for you... I keep checking back for details on the epic flow.

    Still laughing from your song.

  15. sorry you are so cycles are between 60 and 90 days. i am on my second cycle of clomid (after taking provera of course). i didn't ovulate with the first one...i'm praying it works this time!
    good luck!

  16. Sorry about that Jane.

    Toilet indeed.

    Hi Stella, I might not attach those balloons to my letter box though.

    lovecomesfirst, it might be a long wait. Glad you liked the song!

    Hey Heidi, Gosh I thought clomid was a sure thing for ovulation I just thought that implantation wouldn't necessarily work. Yet another hurdle eh?

  17. Hehe, I recently made a song too, except mine is about the horrid weather in the midwestern US. Best wishes on the provera working!

  18. Blogger ate my comment.

  19. Microblogologist, well singing is as good a way as any to keep warm.

    hairyfarmerfamily, I shall imagine it was witty, insightful, touching and perceptive - as ever.


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