Saturday, 3 January 2009

Returned to civilisation

Aright! Um bak fay Dundeeeee whir eh spent Hugminay wi' baw-heid's aald mann an th' mither. It wiz braw!

Fehv dais wi rayks o' scran an no a tapity-tap-tap* in site. A ken wit yer thinkin' - how'd ah riyte that last wee rant? Eh skeduled it wi' majik. Bit eh wiznae abel tae ansir yer comments.

Tha aald folks still dinnae ken about oor no be'an abel tae ha' a wee bairn. Wir wuz gonna tell 'em bit tha' folks arnae the type o' folks tay go nosing aboot owr ain bizniz (eh goot nae pints oan Barren Bingo) an' wi thot if wir brot up tha' subjict it wud sound lik a big announsment. An wir dinnae huv alot tae say.

Bit wun o' meh presunts shows they're still rite keen oan a wee bairn.

Meat Erchay.

Aim no tha type o' lassie wit gangz in fae teddis an' stuff. Tha' bear shud be fae tha kiddies, no me.

Ahv got a rayk o' nyoo yeerz rezulyooshins, bit a'll tell ye thum whun uv loost ma' acsunt.

Hello. I have returned from a sojourn in Dundee where I celebrated the New Year with the husband's parents. I had an enjoyable time.

We spent five days with plenty of food and no computers to distract me. I appreciate you may wonder how I managed to write the last post, well I confess I scheduled it so many apologies for not responding to your comments sooner.

The in-laws still don't know about the problems we have been having trying to conceive. We intended to tell them but my in-laws a very discreet people, who do not interfere (I didn't score anything on Barren Bingo). We were concerned that if we brought up the subject it would sound like a big announcement when really we don't have a lot to say. We don't even know exactly when the interuterine insemination will take place and it might be more stressfull that helpful.

However, despite their tact they was one present that hinted at their underlying desire for a grandchild.

May I introduce you to Archie.

I am not the sort of woman who has a collection of soft toys, no critisim of anyone who does, but it just isn't me as anyone who knows me would appreciate. However I do think this would be a lovely present for our first born, it is entirely feasible that was what was going through their minds too.

I've got a plethora of New Year's resolutions, which I will share with you at a later date.


*The husband has just accused me of racism and requested that I make clear than Dundonians are not all blithering idiots, and the use of the phrase tapity-tap-taps to refer to computers is completely of my own making.


  1. Dropping by to tell you I just started the "Mommy Wanna Be Club" if you wanna join! It's proving to be a great community where we have discussions and network to support each other in our efforts start a family.

  2. LOL I thought you had lost the plot

    The teddy is gorgeous and I hope he bears you good luck.

    I wish you a wonderful 2009 , an abundance of love, laughter, good health, happiness and success in the IUI and of course many blogable moments -

  3. You've reminded me of just how terrified of Scottish people I really am.

  4. Bwhahaha ... this almost makes me want to do a blog in 'Strine (Australian). Hilarious.

    I hope Archie brings you luck with the IUI.

  5. Er ... thanks Yaya.

    Trish, I've lost the plot many a time. Liking the pun on bearing luck!

    xbox, was it the accent or the teddy that freaked you out?

    Amanda, I'll be looking out for that post, but you'll also have to do a translation.

  6. Was relieved to see the English version of your post. :)

    I love your teddy bear and, as a believer in symbolism and signs, maybe this is a good way to begin a new year.

    Nonetheless, glad you had a good New Year's with your husband's family. I'm excited to hear about your IUI progress and glad we're both back in blogger land. :)

  7. Thanks for the translation!

    Wishing you lots of happiness in the New Year!

  8. *snigger giggle*

    Perhaps Erchay will bring you luck. Should you believe in luck, of course. Someone once gave me a baby blankie. I ended up kicking it, and then feeling like a hideous troll for kicking it, and then I had to donate it to Oxfam to avoid the shame.

  9. That was funny. No problem for me being Scottish an' all! I was wondering how your readers were going to cope, I think the standard English version was necessary.

    And the bear...Yikes.

  10. Yes, Leslie, I figured if I didn't translate I'd lose my readers forever!

    Deborah, Happy New Year too you too, not that you need my wishes whilst you are waiting for your new bundle of joy.

    Nuts, The dog has already taken Erchay to his heart, I don't think Oxfam will take it now.

    Hello Carrie, Nice to have a new commentor. Yikes indeed.

  11. I was doing quite well translating for myself when I noticed the english version.

    Archie is seriously cute. Hopefully he will bring you lots of good luck in 2009.


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