Thursday, 22 January 2009

No news...

Is good news?

What was I thinking? When the Doctor said the results of the biopsy would take a week I thought that he meant they would take seven days.

I know, I know.


What he apparently meant was they would take an indefinable length of time but don't hold my breath.

The annoying, optimistic, little elf that likes to tap dance on my serotonin releaser is saying, ‘Hey if it had been serious they would have got back to you immediately’, whilst the troll that lurks in my guts is groaning, ‘Look. If they had the results, good or bad, they would have let the doctor know they just haven’t got round to testing it so don’t imagine that a delay signifies anything positive’.

So far the troll has a stronger track record than the elf.

Update: Just to clarify. I called the nurses yesterday (just before I wrote this post) and they said they hadn't got the results and to call them back this morning (Friday) to see if there were in yet. I duly have called (and as ever left an answer phone message) and am waiting for them to get back to me (Come on, Eunice, you can do it!).

Up-Update: The nurses have just called. They say my Doctor told them he has been chasing for the results and calling everyday and as soon as he hears he'll call me. (Now, of course, I'm thinking 'why is he so concerned he is chasing every day - what's wrong'. Oh dear.).


  1. Grrrrr. I'm sorry they haven't gotten back to you yet. Bastards.

  2. ARGH that NHS argh argh argh GOD they annoy me.

    I do have a friend who is a doctor and he says that if it's Bad News they let you know pretty sharpish, and if it's good news it gets shuffled to the bottom of the pile of letters to type up and gets sent out... eventually.


  3. Wow, never thought I would say the following sentence in my life:

    "Ignore the troll, elves are smarter."

    What Lea and Xbox said...

  4. I'm sorry they haven't gotten back to you. I hate waiting.

  5. Sheesh!! You'd think they would make it a priority. Jerk-offs.

  6. Oh my God. You have to be kidding. How crappy is that? Totally sucks. I'm sorry. I hope they get back to you tomorrow and don't make you have to start calling them again.

  7. fuck the fuckers with a big fuckstick there that about covers it

  8. Have your rung them?
    That's what I did after my initial biopsy when I thought the wait would kill me.
    I know it one of those heart-in-mouth moments, but I in the end I was so glad I called and found out the news (which was good in my case so I supposed that helped with the general feeling of gladness).

  9. As Amanda said, it might be worth ringing them. Even if they don't give you the result there and then, they might shuffle it up to the top of the pile.

    It's shite being made to wait for such important info. Thinking of you and sending you cyber hugs x

  10. Grrrrr, indeed Lea.

    Eloquently put, Xbox

    Thing is Nuts, I have called them and the nurses don't have the results so there may be a letter in a tray somewhere, but I don't know where.

    Yeah Mick, everyone knows that.
    I hate waiting too Megan.

    Sarah, 'Jerk-offs' not heard that for ages. Will endeavour to use it today.

    They do, Murgdan

    Mary, Yup I am calling.

    battynurse, agreed.

    Just about covers it, Paint it Black

    Yeah I've rung Amanda

    As above Jane, I didn't make that clear in the post but I was on the phone the minute the week was up.

  11. Lots of best wishes. In the way, our system doesn't seem to be much different from yours.

  12. Assholes. It's ridiculous that you have to live in this limbo because someone can't get their shit together.

    No news is good news. No news is good news. No news is good news.

    I really believe that.

  13. Weekends are bastard things for lab results. Nearly over. Hang on in there, bab.

  14. Any update today? Hope you're doing ok x

  15. Thanks Barb, yeah I think that health services are frustrating worldwide.

    Leslie, I'm repeating that mantra ad infinitum.

    Actually Hairy Farmer, the weekend wasn't so bad becuase at least I KNEW I wouldn't get the results but ...

    today, Jane, (Monday) is hell. I am constantly checking my phone just in case I missed a call (despite the fact it is set to loudest ring tone and never leaves my side). Have a Docs appointment tomorrow (was booked in months ago) so hopefully that will give me some answers... hpefully

  16. still thinking of you! I Hope everything is going ok...

  17. I'm sorry. The waiting must be incredibly hard.


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