Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Moon, the dog: Off topic

Today is exactly a year since we bought the dog home. It is also his fifth birthday. What an auspicious day, I think some American King is also being coronated today, or something.


So excuse me if I do a little off topic post and give you the reasons why the dog is bloody brilliant. (Because I need things to cheer me up and distract me for a few more days until I get the results of the biopsy).

He loves going out for a walk with either of me or the husband. But if we both take him out, Wow. He insists on walking between us, his pack. Sniffing me then the husband.

"Male human, check, female human, present. Oooh! That new dog on the block has taken a piss must a have a sniffter of that. Brilliant where was I? Ah yes, sniff, female human, phew still here, wait a minute where is male ... yup just there"

He is a simple soul.

Which means when I take him out by himself he is always on the look out for the husband. Although greyhounds are, by breed, sight hounds he clearly needs specs. I find myself being dragged towards every tallish bloke with sorta brown messy hair wearing jeans and trainers. Its not all bad, the dog and I have similar taste, if the husband and I ever split up I'm taking the dog out on the pull.

And I'll tell you what the dog clearly suits me. Whenever I take him out for a walk I hear gasps of "Ah! she's beautiful" and "Gorgeous". A cynic (realist) might imagine that was because the dog is so elegant and dainty that everyone assumes he is a she. I choose to believe that he matches my eyes or something, and is the ultimate accessory to make me look good.

He is a well adjusted soul, he knows his limits. He isn't allowed in the kitchen and though it doesn't have a door he respects that limit even when we aren't in the house (to the best of our knowledge). He doesn't get on the bed, though obviously the sofa has been claimed. He understands his place in the pecking order (the bottom). I just hope that when (yes, back on 'when' not 'if'), when we have kids we set as clear boundaries for them.

In case this post didn't make it very apparent I love the dog, and am very proud of the dog. If you go here you can see his lineage. And look here he is winning a race.

So I bet you are wondering what I've bought him for his birthday.

Er ... nothing he's a dog - he doesn't have a clue what day it is.


  1. Oh, he is so beautiful. Give him a birthday hug from me. :)

  2. He is a beautiful dog. And much better behaved than my dog or my cats.

  3. Coronation - I will admit I laughed out loud at that.

    I love Moon. I wish I could have a puppy like him - if only it wasn't for my allergic husband.

  4. He's gorgeous. Happy Birthday to Moon doggy.
    (and I miss having a dog around - chooks aren't so fond of being cuddled).

  5. Glad to hear that you are nurturing yourself with spa days and lots of dog walks.

    I'm thinking of you, and willing the time to pass quickly and for there to be good news at the end of your wait.

  6. I've never been a fan of greyhounds but you have talked me round. He is lovely.

  7. Lea, he was duly hugged.

    Batty, I think we were lucky that h'd been well trained from an early age - so it was easy for us.

    Cheers, Megan, I think so (can you tell?)

    Leslie, you'll have to find someone who lives near you with a dog and get visiting rights.

    Yes, Amanda, chooks (I love that by the way so antipodean!) don't really get the whole body contact thing.

    Thanks Ms Heathen, I am deliberately filling my time. And how are you? You haven't posted for a while.

  8. Awwww,not even a new collar or a ball?

    That was such a lovely post. I'm a big softy when it comes to dogs and cats. Wish my cats knew the pecking order. As soon as I get up off the sofa Tigger is straight in my place, and very reluctant to vacate it. Maybe I'm the one who doesn't understand the pecking order :)

    Happy birthday Moon! (or woof woof woof! in dog)

  9. I'm just glad you put a comma in the title.

  10. What a lovely dog! His coat would put my mongrel's to shame. :-(

    What's his secret?

  11. Very funny - "Ah yes, sniff, female human, phew still here, wait a minute where is male ... yup just there"made me laugh out loud.

  12. Xbox4NappyRash said...

    "I'm just glad you put a comma in the title."


  13. Jane, Moon says woof back.

    Xbox, It wasn't entirely unintentional. There use to be a priest at my sister university who would introduce himself as "Roger the chaplain"

    Hye Mick, cod liver oil tablets and the occasional tin of mackerel. Mind you his breath is pure filth.

    Glad I made you laugh May, always my aim.

    Yes Amanda, Xbox has all the best lines. Damn him!

  14. Roger. Classic.

    There is a small townland/village near my home town called Effin.

    I used to get a great kick out of mentioning the Effin priest, or the Effin postman.

    Had to be there.


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