Thursday, 15 January 2009

It doesn't scan well

The Doctor doing the 3D scan was like an old friend, this is the third time he has had a shufty around my privates - which is more times than a couple of my previous sexual partners whose names currently escape me.

He gave a slightly different slant than the French Doctor did when she went through the results of the last biopsy. He told me the gunk in my womb is Endometrial hyperplasia with mild atypia. You know what that is right?

When the French Doc told me what I had back in September I was in such a state I didn't get the full term. She described it as something that might become cancerous but probably not, and not really to worry about it, the way she told it it was one of those things that was highly unlikely - like the scare stories from school that if you swallow chewing gum you'll get cancer.

Today's Doctor was much more direct.

He told me that normally for someone who has had this diagnosis they would do a hysterectomy straight away. But, as I want to have a baby they won't do that just now. But they will, in his words, "keep a very close eye on me." Really? Does that mean that you will call me for a change rather than me constantly pushing for call-backs and answers?

And all this was just from looking at my notes, before he actually dove in for the close up.

Today's scan showed that my womb lining is still very thick (er ... yeah that's because I haven't had a period for three months). As he poked around he looked increasingly worried and decided to do a biopsy.

He scraped a couple of catheters full of gunk out. Yes, it was as painful as it sounds.

As he decanted it into the container to be sent away to be tested he asked the nurse to make sure it was marked as urgent. He reiterated this point twice more as she was packaging it up, which didn't do a lot to allay my fears.

I should get the results back in a week, or so. He said he'd call me, but I have a feeling I might be calling them.

Suddenly this isn't just about having a baby. This is about not having cancer.

So let this be a lesson to you to persist. If things don't seem to be going the way they should don't just wait. Ring, ring and keep ringing until you speak to your own personal Eunice. (By the way loving the love she is getting through the comments, I almost want to forward her the details of this blog so she reaps the rewards but then I wouldn't be able to bitch about her colleagues with such gay abandon).


And if you are wondering why I don't sound as panicked and scared as I could then it is down to my fantastic support system. I'd told the husband not to bother coming to the hospital with me, I thought it would just be a routine peer around my womb, however luckily he works not too far from the hospital so as soon as I got out he came and found me and was brilliant. I also got in touch with the girls as soon as I got back into the office this morning and within a couple of hours I received countless links and information from my unpaid but dedicated team of researchers.

So for those who have found this post because you did a search for Endometrial hyperplasia here are some of the most informative pages we have found.

This is a good, clear, summary from Cancer Research

And an encouraging Q&A from Yahoo Answers

If anyone reading this has had a similar diagnosis or knows any more about it I would be eternally grateful if you'd leave me a comment or email me.


  1. I'm so sorry you have to go through tthis stress and waiting. My thoughts are with you. I am going to hope for the best.

  2. I am so sorry. I hope that they get back to you sooner than a week. I'll be thinking about you and sending good thoughts.

  3. I really hope they call YOU next week with wonderful news. I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. Can we ever get a break?

  4. Oh my dear girl. I am so sorry. Of course, my fingers are so tightly crossed the tips are turning blue that it all comes back from testing happily boring.

    I really really hope this is something that can be sorted out with progestin therapy or similar, and Direct Doc is being over-cautious (though I'd quite like to slap French Doc for being under-cautious).

    Huge hugs, and I'll be thinking of you every day until you get the results.

    I am so, so sorry you have to go through this.

  5. Ok so the diagnosis so far sucks big time. I'm glad though that the doc seems to be taking you seriously at this point and is going to watch it carefully. I hope also that you get some good answers on how to go about getting knocked up and quickly.

  6. Oh honey - that Dx is never something you want to hear.

    I had a brush with suspected cervical cancer and got the definitive 'all clear' in the middle of last year (18 months and 2 different ObGyns since I first heard the words "what the hell is THAT" from my GP when she was doing a Pap).
    But it was the waiting to hear the results - the UNCERTAINTY of the Dx - that nearly killed me with stress.

    So I wish you calm thoughts, a speedy health system providing you with quick results and clear explanations of those results.... and keep bugging the doctors as much as you need to to get answers.
    I sincerely hope that the results are "good" and I'll be thinking of you.
    Big hugs.

  7. Oh for Pete's sake...does it ever stop?

    I'm sorry you seem to have stumbled on yet another pile of crap to deal with.

    Hang in there...thinking of you.

  8. OMG! This is unbelievable. I am so glad that you have finally seen somebody who it taking all this very seriously and I hope that everything is alright. Your positive approach to all this is just fantastic. Thinking of you.

  9. Thank you Megan, it means a lot getting support from everyone.

    Cheers Lea, yes I hope the week was a conservative estimate.

    Hi Mary, no, no breaks.

    Be careful May, you'll need your finger tips for Doctor slapping.

    Yes Battyat least they seem to be on the ball at last.

    Amanda, thank you very much, good to hear that you've had similar worries and come out the other side. The waiting is certainly less than relaxing.

    Murgdan, it clearly never stops. Looks like my IUI is delayed and that is just for starters.

    SecretD, Not so much a positive approach as refusing to think the worst until I hear it, and hopefully I won't.

  10. I'm really sorry to hear that you're going through this. It's a huge amount for you to take in. Thank goodness you found Dr Direct. I hope and pray that you will get good news and that you will get it quickly.

  11. Well, shit anyway.

    This is where I stop being useful.

    Mind yourself.

  12. God, this sucks! I'll be sending lots of positive energy to you. Breath in... breath out...

  13. i'm praying that this is NOT cancer

  14. Aww my vajayjay just shrivled up and tightened at the painful gunk scraping story, you poor girl.
    Hope results are ok. Bloody number 9.

  15. Thanks Jane, yes I hope they don't make me wait for news.

    Where you STOP being useful Xbox? You know what that implies...

    Gaby, I'm doing a lot of breathing!

    Thanks Heidi, I wish I could too.

    Paint it Black, 'vajayjay'? That's new to me.I'll let you know what the results are, of course.

  16. I am so, so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. I'm hoping as hard as I possibly can that the results come back quickly and that they do not reveal anything more serious.

    Thinking of you as you wait.

  17. Yes, glad you are seeing a doc who is taking it seriously. I hope you have some news very soon. I'll be thinking of you...

  18. Apparently, I've missed a post or two - I had to do a rewind while reading your dog post today. I know it sucks to suddenly be facing "The C Word" in the middle of everything else that's going on, and I want you to know I'm thinking about you. It's horrible that you have to wait so long to hear anything, but you've definitely given us all something to think about in terms of persistence with our many healthcare providers. Keep us posted - you're in my thoughts!

  19. Ugh sweetie. Not fun at all... none of it. And the biopsy... I feel for you. It sucks too.


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