Saturday, 31 January 2009

How desperate would you need to be?

There is a free paper in London that includes a 'Once seen column' where people who believe in love at first sight can try and track down the object of their desire.

I always read them in the hope that one day I'll get a massive ego boost upon seeing something along the lines of:

To the stunning red-head who was crying outside the fertility clinic because you can't have a baby.
I'll give you one!
Call me

Yesterday I saw this, which made me laugh:

Westminster Tube, Wednesday, 17.30.
I was the tall guy with dark hair wearing jeans, black Prada shoes, stripy scarf, leather jacket, carrying a Gucci bag.
You, had brown hair and a checked coat.
Fancy a drink?

Hmm - fancy a self obsessed lover?


  1. that is hilarious. He must have seen her in the reflection of the mirror he in which he was staring at himself.

  2. Class, "I had an air of mystique and a jaunty hat"...

  3. Bwahaha.
    Maybe it was Dimitri the Stud:

  4. Those are kinda funny. Craigslist has something similar called missed connections.

  5. Absolutely Megan!

    I thought I could smell something funny Xbox

    Dimitri is AMAZING Amanda - if only I was elegant ...

    Funny and addictive Batty

  6. I wonder if the object of his admiration was male or female.


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