Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hanging on the telephone

I've been speaking to answerphones a lot recently.

I called the clinical nurses and left a message on the first day of my 'period' (fool) on the 5 of Jan.

I called the clinical nurses and left a message the following day to say I was wrong it wasn't a period after all. I felt like a moron.

I called the clinical nurses this Monday (the 12th) a left a message to say: I just wanted to check that there wasn't anything I could do about the non-appearance of my period, especially as I have an appointment scheduled for the 27 of Jan to look at the results of my scan, and I was worried I wouldn't have had a scan by then, and I don't want to have more delays, and could someone please possibly call me.

I'm not very articulate when speaking to answer-phones. I talk too much, babbling on and then apologising for the aforementioned babble.

I know they have banned smoking in UK workplaces but I imagine the answerphone on loudspeaker playing to a staff room of nurses who are drawing on fags and pissing themselves at the increasingly desparate tones of the infertiles who call in.

Today, just for shits and giggles I called a different number to get through to a different set of nurses. And that was when I spoke to Eunice.

Yes, a person.

I think I might love Eunice.

She seemed to care. She asked pertinent questions. She said she'd call me back. She did call me back.

I have a scan booked in for tomorrow morning to see just what is going on in bermuda triangle I call my womb.

Sometimes, just sometimes, my faith in the National Health Service is well and truly restored.


  1. Isn't amazing when you actually get a real live person to speak with. Especially when you don't have to play 10 minutes of some computer tag of push 1 for this and 2 for that. Hope the scan gives you some good workable information.

  2. Go Eunice!
    (and those other nurses probably all really do care as well - but if the health system there is anything like here in Oz, they are probably seriously overworked).
    Hope the scan goes well.

  3. Send Eunice to the States. We need her.

  4. We definately need her. I'm so glad you got through. Way to go Eunice!

  5. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that helps with the stress of IF like a Nurse Nightingale.

  6. Eunice for Queen!

    I bet you go there and Eunice turns out to be a fella.

  7. Far out I so get the answer phone babbling making no sense messages!
    Funny thing is I have a answer phone at home and get annoyed when people don't leave a message on it
    (so I can drag on a fag and laugh while listening to their poorly constructed messages)

  8. Can I borrow Eunice?

    Fingers crossed for some good and cheering answers to the mystery of the missing period, so you can get on with putting the nicely renovated innards to their ultimate purpose.

  9. Yes, send Eunice to Geneva too.We need nurses who won't dis you in french caus they learned how to speak english and be helpful...

  10. Eunice sounds lovely. Glad that you managed to talk to somebody and that some action has been taken as a result. Let's hope you get some answers at your scan.

  11. We all love Eunice. Official.


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