Wednesday, 28 January 2009

101 Damnations

Despite the miserable title I'm actually feeling pretty up and chipper today.

But it is my one hundred and first post, and coincidentally, it is 101 days since I last had a period. Spooky eh? And you know me I can't resist a good (bad, or indifferent) pun.

To mix my one-oh-one cultural references I am now am going to go all nineteen eighty-four on your arses and confine a whole lot of miserable thoughts, memories and frustrations into my own Room 101 so that for the next six months I can get on with living.

These are things that are totally and utterly out of my control. There is nothing I can do to change them so there is absolutely no point in obsessing, worrying or even thinking about them:
  • The fear that the coil won't work and interuterine insemination (IUI) will be delayed again - something to think about in six months not for six months
  • Trying to second guess, if IUI goes to plan, my 'not-even-a-twinkle-in-my-eye's' baby's birthday
  • Doing the sum: 3 months of provera plus 6 months of the coil equals 9 months. It is just a period of time and nothing more significant than that
  • Jealousy at pregnancy announcements. They happen. They will continue to happen. This isn't the place to rant about them
  • The fact that the pound is currently imploding and is worth the equivalent of a old shekel. (Nothing to do with fertility issues but I have a broad spectrum of worries that can happily be shoved in the same darken room and forgotten about).


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better today. Congrats on the 101!

  2. Congrats on 101! And I'm happy you are feeling better.

    I hate the worry list. Mine is extremely long and seems to get longer, not shorter. I may have to try this strategy of getting it out and being done with it. Let me know how it works for you. :)

  3. You are right - you can't change things by worrying. I'm a champion Worrier (so good I could Worry for Australia at the next Olympics)but it doesn't fix anything and probably makes things worse.

    If its not too personal a question - what brand of coil is it?

  4. Congratulations on your 101's and the non-cancer news!The 6month wait sucks's frustating but you're on the right track:pointless obsessing about things you cannot control.Just keep positive and try to live each present day fearlessly.It's difficult but you'll get there ;)

  5. The Room 101 is a great idea. If worrying were an Olympic sport I'd easily make the Irish panel (my mother in law would probably clench the gold medal though).

    Keep the chin up hon x

  6. Fingers crossed. Crossed crossed crossed.

    I vote we club together and buy a darkened WAREHOUSE.

  7. Cheers Megan

    I never thought I'd keep at it this long, Lea said...

    Nothing's too personal Amanda,it is called Myrena, a progesterone coil.

    Dunno about fearlessly Leo, but positively.

    So you for Ireland Jane and Amanda for Oz.

    Just a warehouse Nuts? Damn, the Millennium dome is now the O2 isn't it?

  8. I got nothing.

    But congrats on 101, thats a lot, and you put a lot into everyone.

    You should be proud.

    Am I drunk?

  9. You can rant wherever and whenever you want around here.

    I hate pregnancy announcements. I hate pregnancy announcements almost as much as I hate the waiting part of IF.

    Congrats on the 101. I am glad you are in the blogosphere.

  10. Xbox, "and you put a lot into everyone." that just sounds rude (and invasive!). I certainly hope you are drunk, after reading your last post a skinful is just what you need. (You know with the caveat of: Womb For Improvement endorses responsible drinking etc)

    Leslie, the waiting is the killer. Waiting at any time for anything is tedious but when you've got a biological clock ticking in your ear it is hell... But you know that.


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