Thursday, 11 December 2008

Spit or Swallow

It's very easy to see our men as a means to an end with but one function in this whole trying to get up the duff business.

But they are worth more than that, and it may surprise you to know that his man gravy could literally be, well, man gravy.

I came across (no pun intended) this little gem the other day. Well after the success of last times Fun Food Friday post I thought I had to share it with you (only I'm not convinced this is fun, certainly have my doubts about food and it is Thursday). Barb, any regrets? Not yet? You wait.

Follow this link for more info. But before you do, you HAVE to read the reviews.

Warning! Only check it out if you aren't eating/ about to eat/ think you may eat at some point within the next 24 hours/ don't have a delicate constitution / aren't likely to sue.

NB don't worry it is not porn, well there are no graphic images.


  1. Oh, that's just gross. Makes you leary to accept dinner invitations, ya know? I don't want to eat my husbands sperm, let alone my friends husbands sperm.

  2. Err mate, you know how we were supposed to be coming for dinner at yours tomorrow...

    Damn. Can't think of an excuse.

    See you then

    Gigi xx

  3. OMG, that's disgusting! I love the comment about going blind when cooking for a large group. Too funny.

  4. My head all but exploded from the flood of jokes.

    But this is seriously gross, and you are a sick, sick, sick , sick woman.

    Creamy Cum Crepes anyway....

  5. Amber, you were doing so well until you mentioned your Dad. You sick, sick puppy.

    Gi, The husband might be out so I'm counting on C to contribute, unless you fancy an 'egg white' omelette. Besides, its ours or paying for a hotel in central London ... I'll make up the spare bed shall I?

    Lea, you don't want to laugh, but have to. If you can't beat 'em...

    X, I feel a song coming on, something along the lines of, "I see your true colours shining through"

  6. AAAAAAACK! hahahaha. You loony loony woman. That's hilarious and SUPER gross.

  7. I'm surfing at work (tsk tsk!) so I don't dare look at this, but I get the general gist from the comments left. All I can say is ewwwwwwww!

  8. X, I responded to the comments last night steaming drunk after my works Christmas do. I have no clue why i wrote song lyrics. My head hurts.

    Barb, yes it is.

    Jane, well the page looks very innocuous. Its the images conjured up by the words that are vile.

  9. you leave my boyfriend's gonads alone!

    You'll have to satisfy your wanton appetite with belgian chocolates instead.

    g x

  10. hilarious. I love it. Everyone is getting a copy for christmas.

    "here mom, remember when you came over for dinner last month and asked for the recipe cause it was so good. It's from this book..."

  11. Oh. Yuck. I wonder if the people who mentioned using the recipes for a dinner party were telling their guests what the ingredients were. Ewwww.


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