Sunday, 28 December 2008


The lovely Secret Diary of an Infertile has tagged me, charging me with writing 7 random things about myself. I started this tag a while ago but wasn't sure whether it was appropriate to write just about me the person rather than me the infertile so didn't go all the way. By now I figure if you are reading this blog then you'll know I've had three months of not being able to even try to get up the duff and I've managed to stay pretty much on message so bear with me over this festive period if I go a tad off topic. I've already done one here are the other 6:

2) I spent most of my childhood living abroad. My Dad was in the Army so I lived in Germany, Nepal and Hong Kong as well as less exotic places around the UK. Loved it, starting to get itchy feet again ...

3) As a result of the above I missed many of the formative televisual experiences of my peers - missed Joey Deacon, Monkey, Grange Hill, Family Fortunes, Generation Game as well as other cultural zeitgeists - care bears, my little ponies, transformers. But I was raised on a diet of of Carry On films, Frankie Howard and Benny Hill. Hence I can spot a double entendre at 50 paces, which can be embarrassing when I start sniggering in meetings.

4) But I've had to teach myself many of these things that I have missed retrospectively because ... I love quizzes. Love, love, love them. I felt a bit guilty in my last post when I implied trivial pursuit had had its day. And as for a pub quiz, well, my idea of heaven. Pint of beer, salt and vinegar McCoys, and a heap of questions (though, in typical girly fashion, I pass on the sports questions).

5) I hate tropical fruit. I'm not a fussy eater, at all. But bananas, mangos, coconuts, papya, pineapple - all give me the dry heave. Shame considering the abundance of them when I lived abroad. Lychees though, I like lychees.

6) I was brought up a Catholic, an inquisitive Catholic. As an overly innocent 8 year old I asked my teacher "You keep talking about the virgin Mary, but what exactly is a virgin?". The response was a rather bland talking about it being a woman who wasn't married and hurriedly changing the subject when I started pointing out that she was married to Joseph. I also asked what the difference between a Catholic and a Prostitute was - still haven't received a satisfactory answer to that one. Today I've held onto the Catholic guilt but not a lot else.

7) I studied Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at University. An interest that was first piqued by watching the magnificent Clash of the Titans. To date it has proved almost entirely useless in my professional life, although it still reaps dividends during a pub quiz.

So that's me. Help yourself to the tag if you fancy it.


  1. The difference between a Catholic and a Prostitute?

    Contraception I reckon.

    Did ye live in Wiesbaden by any chance?

  2. I like it Xbox, the riddle is solved.
    But no, I lived in Iserlohn (further north) aged 5 to 7 so don't have really clear memories of it other than the German's loving kids so we got given loads of free stuff - most memorable was a mini cactus and a shoe horn...

  3. Funny. I love Xbox's explanation and your question to the teacher.

  4. I have no idea about those shows you speak of. So you must be Australian now.

    You forgot 'Some mothers do 'ave em' OMG that show was on all the freaking TIME.

    And prostitutes have better shoes. And less underwear.


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