Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Final Straw

Today is the day. The last day of 2008 couldn't come soon enough and the last day of me taking Provera feels equally long overdue.

Technically as I was due to take provera for a quarter of a year, or 3 months, or 12 weeks or 84 days (however you look at it, that's a goodly proportion of the year spent popping the pills), so the last day should be tomorrow. But there is something so auspicious about finishing the course of drugs with the finishing the old, shitty, year that I figured, its not an exact science a day either side isn't going to make a massive difference.

So I've stocked up for the period to end all ... no, wait a minute this period is supposed to kick start all periods (unless I get pregnant of course).

I've got my Dracular's tea bags all ready:
  • Tampax* super plus
  • Tampax multi pack mixed absorbency

And 'cause it might be a heavy one, and I'd rather not set my alarm at two hour intervals
  • Always Ultra night
To try and ensure that I don't spend a week howling with pain and being unable to stand upright:
  • Feminax Ultra - taking the pain killing to the max
All of them a rather pleasing and complimentary shade of blue, I guess the manufacturers figured that red was too obvious. Or they are targeting these products at the more discerning, blue-blooded consumer.

  • Big, old pants - not pictured I do have to draw the line somewhere, admittedly the line is somewhat wobbly
  • Hot water bottle
  • Stack of books, for any convalescing
If it is anything like last time I took provera I should expect to be surfing the crimson tide on Sunday - but that was after a mere week on the hard stuff. So it might be that having taken it for so much longer the progesterone will take longer to leave my body so I should expect a further delay, or maybe my womb is so stuffed with blood and gunk it is straining to get out and the merest hint of a reprieve will bring a flood of blood of biblical proportions.

Whatever happens, rest assured I will (over) share.

Happy New Year kids! This one is ours.

* No brand names were harmed during the writing of this post


  1. Sit back and watch the freebies roll in....

    I'm still waiting for my xbox.

    Happy New year.

  2. I think they make the packages blue to try and sooth us. Doesn't really work though.

    Happy New Year! Hears to hoping 2009 is a better year.

  3. You forgot the chocolate.

    ...and I hope that 2009 is a great one for you.

  4. I hope it's our year too! Sorry you have to start it like that.

    Happy New Year!

  5. I could have supplied you with feminine hygiene products! It's yet another thing made by my employers and stocked in the company shop.

    Happy New Year. I really hope 2009 is a good one for you.

  6. I'm crossing my fingers for you that it won't be too horrible!

  7. Happy New Year and I hope that the cycle to start it all isn't too bad.

  8. well, I certainly look forward to hearing about it. Gosh, a month of clomid gave me a flood of biblical proportions, I can't imagine what you are gearing up for. Good luck!

  9. Ohh. That didn't even cross my mind Xbox. Will be changing my name to Waitrose Rocks.

    Thanks Sarah, better for both of us.

    Doh! How could I have been so stupid, Amanda? Green and Blacks it is.

    Lea, at least it is a fresh start, a proper clear out.

    Of course Jane! I noticed your email address. I hope it is good for all of us.

    Hey Barb, I can take it, as long as I keep reminding myself it is a means to an end.

    Hey Batty, thanks and Happy New Year too.

    lovecomesfirst, Oh god really? Who knows what 3 months will do?


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