Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Barren Bingo

Bored of board games?

Trivial pursuit too trivial?

Monopoly not got the monopoly on fun?

Just has you going through the motions with Charades?

Fear not! This Christmas I have the game all the un-familied can enjoy.

Just print out the bingo* card below and check off each phrase that is said to you over the festive period.

Just relax!Christmas is really for the childrenDon't leave it too late
It'll be you nextA friend of a friend got pregnant by ...I would've thought you'd be pregnant by now
Feeling broody?Enjoy not having children, I'd kill for a lie inExciting news! We're pregnant!

This year I'm putting the vent back into advent.

Let me know how many you check off. (Even if you aren't hanging out with the tactless this festive season don't give up, this is a game that can be played all year round).

Have a very Happy Christmas everyone.

*Do you have bingo anywhere other than the UK? If not, it is a game where you have a card with numbers which you cross off as they are called out - simple really. If you need to further understand this fine British institution all is explained here. Anyway, this time you play it with words, 'cause we did numbers already. So as someone says one of the phrases to you tick 'em off.


  1. Of course we have bingo! :) You are so creative. Happy Christmas to you.

  2. P.S. It's still friggin' snowing here. Maybe you should come for a visit. ;)

  3. Gotta make it a challenge at least!

    throw in some hard ones.

    We get all those doing the weekly shop!

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Lea, I'm jealous. I WANT SNOW. It is unseasonably mild here and doesn't feel Christmassy. Humbug.

    Hello Sarah, all sorted now? 8 out of 9 already?

    You want a challenge Xbox? How about 'Gosh, that Irish accent makes you sound so intelligent?' (i crack myself up I really do).

  5. Great game woomy.

    Yes we have bingo in New Zealand but unfortunatly it is summer so no snow either. Just rain and some sunshine. I would love snow.

  6. How'd ya do Murgdan?

    PiB, never had a hot Christmas, does it work?

  7. Hot Christmas....teeshirts, jandles, sunscreen and bbq food. We do a pot luck and because I still want my hot food of roast potatoes and stuffing I bring that, otherwise we eat cold meats, salads, new potatoes that kinda thing. Kids play on lawn on waterslides. Lots a familys play backyard cricket.

  8. haha. I was going to say the same as Lea. Nice card. ;-) icky stuff this relative assvice business..


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