Monday, 10 November 2008

Reader, I married him

I was 18.

Out with my mates in the pub when I saw a guy I'd been eying up in lectures for months, (Classical Archaeology, since you ask).

"Go and talk to him", but the closest I got was standing next to him at the bar whilst ordering a drink. Eventually after a couple of hours of me staring and boring the crap out of my mates one of them shoved an unlit cigarette in my hand and propelled me towards the light, I mean, him:

"Do you have a light?"

He did, we started talking, I smoked the whole thing, a foreign object in my hand and lungs, he offered me another, in my alcohol and nicotine induced dazed I thought rejecting the cigarette would be perceived as a rejection of him.

I smoked another one.

I felt ill.

I made my excuses.

From then on, whenever he dained to turn up to lectures we'd chat, I sit next to him (with one empty seat between us, just so I didn't look like a slut). Eventually we happened to be in the same pub at the same time again. We were chatting. I looked up and saw his friends laughing (innocently as it turned out) I got paranoid.

"Are your friends laughing at me?"
"No. Why?"
"Well, is it really obvious I'm chatting you up? And are you going out with anyone?"
"Um ... no, its not obvious. And yeah I started seeing someone yesterday."
"But thank you, that's really flattering"
I squirmed off, muttering some about how I must be really drunk ...

Fast forward a couple of months. We'd remained casual acquaintances but didn't know each other well enough for me to find out if he was still seeing THAT girl.

One afternoon there was a knock at my door. It was him. He asked me out for a drink. He said:
"So, is it really obvious I'm chatting you up? And are you going out with anyone?"

That was 14-ish years ago. And today, is exactly 2 years since we tied the knot.

But I'll tell you what, I've not smoked a whole cigarette since that first meeting.

So go on, what are your favourite chat-up lines? And I mean the ones that have worked not "Get your coat" or anything that starts "Was your father a thief ..."


  1. Oh, I don't have any good ones. I didn't really "date" much. What a sweet story though.

    Hey, I awarded you the I heart your blog award. :) See mine for details.

  2. see I DO read this - i have mixed views about seeing a clinical psychologist (last blog i think), most clinical psychologists are trained to treat people with identifiable mental health problems and last time i checked infertility wasn't one of them - that said if infertility is causing a 'clinical' severity of depressive or anxiety symptoms it could be useful. What it should do is give you a whole therapeutic hour (50 mins) to discuss your problems with someone who doesn't know your background/ have any preconceived ideas about you and may help you figure out what aside from the obvious is causing you problems and maybe make you think about some changes to get yourself on a more even keel. I always advise people to see how they feel about the clinical psychologist when they meet them in person - (and i'd say steer clear of the woolly cardigan/long beads/ and sandal brigade but that's just my predjudice)

  3. Ahh. Thanks Lea hearts are all good.

    Wombmate, The Izzard, I love you. I love you because you don't get that if the comment was about the last post you put it after that post, I love you 'cause you don't know the difference between a blog and a post, I love you because you have clearly started a blogger profile just so you can comment (btw you didn't need to do that), I love you because you have just taught me the difference between a normal hour and a therapeutic hour. (oh and not so much as a happy anniversary? The scissor sister gave us flowers.) xx

  4. I have none. But happy anniversary to you!!!!

  5. I'm almost certain I've seen that movie, Hugh Grant yeah?

    Smooth man, smooth.

    Happy Anniversary.

  6. aww what a sweet story. Happy Anniversary !

    I can't remember ... I've been 'going with' my DH for 20 years now.

  7. Love this story - damn, I miss the days before IF hit!

  8. I once gave a ten pence to a guy in a club and told him to ring his mum to tell her that he wasn't going home - how cheesy is that?!

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. Cheers Batty.

    Actually Xbox, I think you'll find it was Ron Jeremy.

    Thanks Trish, we're not quite at 20 years yet, getting there though

    I know Leslie, those carefree days ...

    You can't leave it at that Secret D, did it work?

  10. Happy anniversary! Lovely story.

    Can't think of any chat up lines.
    The first conversation John and I had was comparing our uber religious Irish mammies. All I could think was "at last, a man who understands my Irish catholic neuroses!"

  11. Happy Anniversary! I usually just clubbed men over the head and dragged them back to my cave...

  12. Jane, its important in a life partner, that whole getting the neuroses thing.

    Io, So, is 'cave' a euphemism?

  13. What a cute story!

    Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

  14. It did work in that I got a snog and a telephone number. He was gorgeous. Unfortunately (but fortunate for my husband) the timing was all wrong and although we tried to set up a date it never happened.

    I never dared to use such a cheesy chat up line again.

  15. happy anniversary! I always get the "don't I know you from somewhere?" deal. It doesn't work. Of course I am married too. :-)

  16. Thanks Ms Heathen.

    Secret D, Fortunately for YOU AND your husband, of course.

    lovecomesfirst, Do I know you from somewhere?

  17. SUPER cute post! LOVE your story! You told it so well it was like a movie. :)

    What I can see of you in the photo looks lovely too. Aaaaaah love. :)

    And your post and wombmate's? Adorable as well. Are you tryin' to amp me up into a super sickly sweet realm more than I already am? Sheesh! haha.

  18. Barb, sorry about that will try to be less sluchy next time.

  19. Coming to this post after you linked to it in today's post. I'd been hanging out with this very fantastic guy through most of spring semester and into summer (he'd walk me home from philosophy seminar, and I'd arrange to be waiting with books to check out when his shift at the library ended, and then he'd walk me home again), and we were at the wedding of a mutual friend. I'd been agonizing for months, were we just good friends, or was it more? The DJ called for all the couples to come out onto the dance floor, and he looked at me and asked "Should we dance?" (this coming from someone who DOESN'T dance -- not even at our own wedding). This was my chance! I seized it and asked "Well, are we a couple?" His response was "we could be", and we have been ever since -- it'll be 10 years of couplehood in July and 8 years of marriage in May. (One up for me on this exchange. But whatever points I won then I lost when he proposed...and I laughed at him. He had to repeat the question before I realized he wasn't joking.)

  20. Classical Archaeology, why oh why?!


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